Regret from Impulsiveness

  1. Hello, everyone! Now that everyone's been worried about the price increase, I'm kinda regretting purchasing my Le Marais flap. Everyone's been looking for the classic flap or the reissues. Did I make the wrong choice? I just like this ligne because it's somewhat different but still has that classic look to it. Oh no... Now, I probably won't be able to buy another one til later, which by then the price would have skyrocketed anyway. Yikes..

    resized le marais flap 003.jpg
  2. I think your bag looks great!

    But if you really want to get a classic flap, I would get it now since the price increase is huge.
  3. I LOVE your bag, great choice! It's classy but it stands out-has its own character. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
  4. I Love It!
  5. I love your bag...I think it's an edgy interpretation of a classic! ENJOY
  6. I think that bag looks great. Keep what you LOVE, if you exchange it you may regret it later.
  7. I like it. Do you not totally love it?
  8. Oh I totally LOVE it, but I get jealous of all of your purses. haha! You know how you always want what you can't have... I suffer from that. Thanks, gals! I needed your affirmation.
  9. it's gorgeous!!!! I know what u mean! I was just sitting here wondering about all the other ones I didn't get and the price increase being around the corner!
  10. I love it for the very reasons you mentioned--classic looking but just a bit different. It looks wonderful on you. You have to decide what you really love.
  11. i like how it is not so common, if you love it then keep it. it is still a classic...
  12. I think its a great choice!
  13. Yeah, definitely. This whole price increase has led us girls to go crazy and desire to BUY, BUY, BUY! The only problem is that my resident salary will only allow me to buy ONE Chanel per year. It doesn't help that DH is putting me on a purse ban til October 2008. :tdown::crybaby::sad::sweatdrop:
  14. If you love it that's all that matter. I have the same problem you have.... every time I'm looking at everybody else's pictures I want a classic flap too but I just cannot bring myself to buy one when I get down to it. It's just not me, I like all the variations of the classic but not the lamb/caviar ones.
    Your purse looks great and you wear it beautifully!!! :tup:
  15. Stick to your first instincts. If you bought it because it was edgier and more you, then don't get drawn into believing you need the classic style. Chanel is all about individual style.