regret buying house!

  1. so my mother and I recently moved out to a new house(about sept. of last year.) in a more rural setting,and are regretting it.There is nothing wrong with the actual house,neigbors,etc. it is just so far away from EVERYTHING! my mother works far away and with gas prices theses days it really is an expensive commute.We jokingly say that we should sell the house,and I say well maybe we could lease it to someone.I know deep down though she and I arent joking!It just seems like such a far fetched or non realistic idea to sell or lease so quickly,but its really not?We would probably just move into an apartment. I would really like to know peoples opinions.thanks!
  2. You're the one who has to live there. Do you think you'd be happier not being there or is it just that it's taking some getting used to? Would you lose money if you sell it? If you are really unhappy I guess you could rent it out and move somewhere you like better.
  3. Well, the only problems I can see are kind of big ones, like the fact that with the market the way it is you may have a hard time selling and/or may not make much $$, and if you decide to rent it out you will be landlords with a whole 'nother set of problems and responsibilities. But if you're really unhappy...I moved from the city to the country about a year ago and it is a big adjustment. For one thing my daily commute went from 10 minutes to an hour!! So I know how you feel.
  4. I think a quick sale, unless prices are skyrocketing, will end up costing you alot of money -- starting with realtor fees, transfer taxes etc etc. I would hold on for a while, see if you can get used to it.