Regret Averted! Another Eva vs. Favorite dilema

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  1. Hi all! I had revealed an Eva in DA on Friday. I took her out for an errand and during the car ride, I decided that as beautiful as she is, she is not the one for me. There as so many things that I love about the Eva especially in DA. I think she looks so gorgeous and is so versatile in terms of working for casual days and going out to dinners. The zipper makes me feel very secure and the hardware is beautiful. But, she is just too small to be practical for me and she is just a tad too long (I'm 5'2). I could only fit my long wallet, cles, cell phone and keys. Even with just those items, the Eva bulged just a tiny bit.

    I called this morning and my store was willing to hold the last Favorite MM DA for me and as soon as got home I loaded her up with my long wallet, Ipad mini, Samsung Note 3 (this thing is huge) with case, cles and lipstick, I knew instantly that this one is a keeper! I could fit all those items and have a little room left over for other things. The Favorite also sits better as a cross body on me. The Eva swung around too much due to it being longer.

    I really hope this little review helps someone out there. I know that reading the "Which LV Purchase Did You Regret" thread really helped me decide to exchange my Eva rather than to keep her and regret it down the line.
  2. great review! I had this dilemma last week haha! I ended up keeping both :smile: hopefully won't regret it down the road, but I just love both so much!
  3. Thank you. I had the eva and sold it because it was 2 small and i didnt like the bulge either and have been contemplating about the favorite mm. Post a pic with your things in them please
  4. Just my two cents but I wouldn't have used the bag if I was unsure and thinking about exchanging it. I would have tried it on at home with different clothes and then return it to the box while I think about it. In my mind it like wearing new clothes out and then returning them to the store. After reading your post, I wonder whether the next bag I'd buy from the boutique had been used and returned for exchange.

  5. In case anyone thinks I am reading this wrongly, op wrote this..

  6. +1
  7. I'll be honest, I winced slightly when I saw she took the bag out on an errand. I'd never take a bag out unless I was 100% sure I was going to keep it. But as the owner of a favorite MM (mono) she made a good choice. The favorite is amazing!

  8. +2
  9. +3. I was actually cringing as I was reading too because I was thinking, 'please don't say you took it back after using it'..
  10. Ya, true. It is not very nice to do that. :smile:
  11. I think some people do this often because sometimes the bags that are supposedly new look handled. As much as I like the cheaper prices in Hawaii, I've had too many bad experiences in the boutique with the condition of the items I considered to buy. I just buy it from dot com instead to avoid a potentially returned item. It's for my piece of mind.

  12. +4 (?) This is why I have really limited my boutique purchases favoring online ordering. My online bags are always pristine and new. I can't say this for items I have looked at (and walked away from) in a boutique.
  13. That was my first thought as well, "I hope she's not planning on exchanging the item after bringing it out on an errand." Oh dear...:tdown:
  14. +1 I also suggest trying the bag on in the house, look in every mirror, try with different outfits, but pretty please don't return a bag that has been worn out of the house. We all want a new fresh bag and it isn't fair to pay full price for a gently carried/used bag. No mean sentiment intended:smile:
  15. Honestly, I don't see too much of a difference. It sat in the car for a ride to target. So, it went downstairs with me and then my husband ran into target for diapers and then it went upstairs at home. Sorry, but I think that is along the same lines of loading my things in it, modeling in front of the mirror and wearing it around the house. Not a scratch or patina on it. I bought it on Friday and returned on Monday night.

    Sorry, guys.