Reglazing Suhali Leather

  1. So I'm going through the picky "inspection" stage of inspecting my new to me plum Suhali Le Tal...for the most part the glazing is fine but I noticed that on one end of the strap, both sides of the glazing has small cracks in them.

    I expect that out of a gently used bag, since the bag came to me with the strap curved off to the side where there are cracks, so I'm guessing the cracks are there from storage and usage.

    Anyway, I won't be sending my bag off right away, since I haven't even started to enjoy my new bag yet, but for reference I would like to know approximately how long and how much it takes to get Suhali leather wallet came back from repair a few weeks ago and I got the whole thing reglazed and it didn't cost me a cent but I'm assuming for a bag it's different.

    All input appreciated! :flowers:
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