Reglazing a vintage LV Monceau

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  1. Hi - I have recent had a horrible with an eBay seller for a vintage LV Monceau listed as "excellent" and "like new" that arrived significantly not as described ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463027551.914203.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463027568.598468.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463027584.017806.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463027636.391578.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463027690.164037.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463027709.984757.jpg . Details here on the TPF eBay Forum:

    My question is - will LV even consider reglazing this bag for me? Charging me for the repair, of course? Or do I need to seek a local luggage or shoe repair? Any idea how much this will cost? This has been a very difficult situation. I have been harassed for over 24 hours by this seller, but eBay has finally taken some sort of action and the original listing has been removed, along with my negative feedback. After the 30+ threatening emails I've received from the seller, I truly believe that she will do her best not to return my money. Therefore, if I keep this, I would like to have it repaired. Is this possible?

    Thank you!
  2. Like new my @$$:mad: I just read your other thread and agree with the posts over there in regards to returning this ASAP...don't keep it or even bother trying to send it off for repairs, just return it and follow through with eBay's procedures for filing a claim. I highly recommend insuring it and requiring a signature, either way you will get a refund whether it be from the seller or from eBay themselves.
  3. I totally agree with ^

    Don't feel bullied into keeping it and having it repaired which will be an additional expense for an item you didn't anticipate on having repaired. File a claim ASAP time is ticking before you can't file one.
  4. If you want to keep it, Louis Vuitton can reglaze it.
  5. Argh, I'm so sorry you went through that!!! How some people can stand to live with themselves after putting someone else through such nonsense is beyond me. She sounds so shady that I wouldn't trust her to return the money either, I'd rather dispute or file claim with PP and return.

    If you do decide to keep it, I don't see why there should be issues in reglazing, please keep us updated!

  6. Thanks! Unfortunately I inadvertently ended the eBay return after I received numerous emails from eBay stating I had been corresponding with a fraudulent buyer. I panicked and filed a claim with PayPal - and then received an email from eBay that the return was closed. By me. Great.

    I should have just followed through with the return.

  7. Hi Genette - thanks for your note. Unfortunately it seems I've messed up the entire return process. I'm so annoyed with myself.

  8. Any idea what it might cost? Will they accept a repair with a receipt? This bag is from the 1990's. Thanks!
    Also - I realize this is a long shot - would they have replacement straps and keys for the Monceau?

  9. Thank you! I totally agree! I cannot fathom having the energy - or desire - to spend so much time harassing someone. The entire situation has been ridiculous. Now that it's morning I feel better, but I was so upset last night. Funny how daylight really does make things brighter.

    I appreciate all of your notes. It's nice to have all of you understand.

    Now - if I have to keep it and repair it - how can I get rid of this mean woman's energy? A bag/sage smudging??
  10. Hahahhaha!! I know what you mean... I'd just go with whatever brings my heart some peace. Sage, flowers, taking it to church.... et all! 😂
  11. I am not sure about the exact strap but they can order a monogram strap for you as a replacement part. And yes, Louis Vuitton still sells items with this type of lock, so they should be able to get you a key.

    Although they might ask for a receipt to locate you in the system, as far as I know no one has been turned down for a repair due to lack of receipt - at least so far. But repairs can get expensive, so be ready! ;)

    You need to bring the bag to a store and they will give you an exact quote for the repair.

    Be aware that there is always a possibility you might be turned down for a repair if the bag is too damaged. But yours looks good except for the glazing (which is normal on older bags as the glazing dries out).

  12. I ordered a monogram crossbody strap from LV just after purchasing the bag. It only occurred to me to ask you about the specific Monceau strap when I saw your reply here about the glazing. I never thought about that. There was one on eBay earlier this week from a seller in Japan, but the condition looked very worn and cracked. I like the monogram strap with it very much, but it would have been nice to have the original strap. (The seller kept it to use with a DE Alma, which doesn't make much sense to me, as the leathers would be different colors, but I digress ...)

    Do you have any idea of what I'm looking at $$$-wise for this repair? It is primarily the flap and the front perimeter that needs repair. Thanks!
  13. I have no clue about the exact cost. It can vary greatly from bag to bag. Your best bet is to ask for an estimate at the store.
  14. +1
  15. OP I would just return this bag if you can, and don't bother with repair.

    As with repair costs (IF LV does approve it) the strap cost, and the hassle (Not to mention the very negative experience with this seller) It would probably end up costing you a lot more than just finding one in great condition. Just my honest opinion, I wish you the best of luck!