Registering Your Chloe

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just became the proud owner of my first Chloe a couple weeks ago. Just curious if anyone can tell me what the benefit is to registering a bag. I tried different searches but they wouldn't go through for some reason.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. I actually did not know you could register a handbag..
    Would also be interested in learning more :smile:
  3. I registered mine, but I don't know the advantages. I just thought it would be a good idea to do it, given that it was an option. Also, I ordered mine online from Nordstrom, not a boutique.
  4. Are they register-able online?
  5. I wondered this too! I bought a Chloe today and the authentication card encourages you to register it.
  6. I registered my Gemma about three years ago and the only thing I get is emails about new season stuff. Does it help if you need to return for a fault perhaps?
  7. One benefit is that they'll actually help you if there's a problem with it.
  8. Thank you DrDior, this is helpful and nice to know. I just registered my Chloe Alice so I'm happy to know there are benefits for it :smile: If I end up with any experience regarding the registration benefits, I will be sure to share on this thread.
  9. I've registered my marcie and all i got was promotional emails so far. Registered in October 2014.
  10. I registered all my bags and got a handling code for each bags that I am supposed to name should I contact them in case of a problem... Also, I believe that I heard somewhere that registration does only work on time with a new code and I think with all the bad stuff going on everywhere that is nice to know... But unfortunately, I cannot recall where I found this info...
  11. Can we still register the bags? I tried going to and all I got was a 404 Error.
  12. I just visited the website, and in the section Service, you can find a link to the registration Page, but the URL seems to have changed! Maybe they did not exchange the Cards of the bags already in the stores?
  13. Just looked it up. Thank you!