Regifting - tacky or savvy?

The holiday season is only now upon us and I have already been the recipient (err...victim) of a regift! It was from my college roommate, her birthday was earlier this month and I purchased her a little gift and card to say hi and hope that she was doing well. I didn't spend a lot as we're only in intermittent contact, maybe $20. She sent me a birthday gift that arrived today and it's an open CD-ROM computer game, no instructions or anything, and she wrote in the card that she'd gotten it awhile ago, had never gotten around to installing it on her computer and is now giving it to me. While I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth (if that horse is given', I'll happily receive!), I thought that this was beyond tacky :yucky: The game is Prison Tycoon, I get to design a prison I guess and keep it in order. I don't think I'll be playing it any time soon.

I'm not a regifter, I'm a firm believer that unwanted gifts are what ebay is for. But I could see it being done tastefully, and have even gotten a few regifts from relatives that I liked (my mom gave me a whole L'Occitane giftset a few years ago, one of the really big ones, that she got from my aunt, all new of course). What do you ladies and gents think about regifting?


Apr 27, 2006
UGH.. My husband's stepmom always regifts to me. I can always tell it's something she has gotten & not liked. We are SO different. I think though, it's not always bad. If it truly is a good gift (but not for you) & you know someone who would love it, then I don't see a problem with it.


cat hoarder
Aug 23, 2006
I was tempted to regift once...I got an obviously cheap picture frame as a wedding gift from some very snooty rich people with whom it was my dubious honor to be acquainted. When their daughter got married I really wanted to give it right back to her but of course I didn't.


Apr 24, 2006
truthfully i don't think it's tacky as long as it's not obvious it's a a bottle of wine

however someone in my husbands office gave him a bottle of cognac, and what the shmuck didn't do is open the box, apparently the previous giver had placed his business card in the box as think about it


Oct 12, 2006
I do it all the time, but I make sure to note who gave it to me and when, so that I can be sure that there is no chance that the person who gave it to me and the re-gifting recipient will be present in the same place when it is opened, or preferably ever, and that they not be the same person. That's key.

Beyond that, others have already covered the most important thing, that the re-gift be no less thoughtfully selected as something that the recipient will really like!


Choose to be happy
Sep 19, 2006
I agree, as long as it's nice, unused and apropriate for the person and occasion, it's fine. I keep them in my gift closet ready to go ;)


Feb 28, 2006
I just give it away....I don´t prentend I bought it for them.I would feel bad conscious...... I just say "here is what I got from my company as a XMas present, I´m not gonna use it do you want it ?"......