Reggie the Alligator is now at the LA Zoo

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  1. I saw this on the news.

    Adoring fans: Visitors to Los Angeles Zoo, Desire Rios and Josie Gonzales, cheer as the lorry carrying Reggie arrives

    He's behind you! Reggie is released into a holding bay at Los Angeles Zoo after being caught

    Snap happy: Reggie the alligator is carried by animal control officers after being caught, having spent 2 years on the loose
  2. I was laughing so hard! They were covering this on the news like it was the OJ car chase! The guy on the right in the bottom photo is our resident reptile expert, Ian. He always seems to end up on the news we tell him he should have his own show! Can't wait to visit Reg!
  3. He is in quarantine and unless I need to check on him for anything I probably won't see him for a while unless I catch a vet at the right time whenever I'm at the health center. (I have to get meds to one of our tamarins who are there right now but keep missing people...) I have my camera in tow with me all the time though so as soon as I can get some photos I will post them here.:yes:
  4. bagnshoo, your job is so cool, and it is so cool to know someone who works for the zoo here!!! When I went to RVT school, many of my classmates dreamed to work in zoos. I know it is so competitive and hard to work as a RVT or keeper. I got a small behind the scence when I toured the hospital in San Diego Wildlife Animal Park. Just amazing... Kudos to what you do...!!!
  5. Are you a vet tech now? I envy that. I took a couple of pre-vet classes at pierce and my head almost exploded! learned alot though and plan to go back - only one class at a time next time! if you ever come to the la zoo, PM me, and I'll give you behind the scenes...:yes:
  6. Yes, I worked as a unlicensed Veterinaty Assistant since 2002 and became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2004. I now work in an Imaging Specialty doing MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and Nuclear Medicine in Tustin. We do occasionally see animals besides dogs and cats. That is great that you are taking classes! Are you studying to become a veterinarian? Cool!!!
    Thank you for your offer~~~!!! I will definitely PM you when I get a chance to visit!!!:tup:
  7. No way! If I was single, maybe. I'm interested more in animal behavior/training these days. Still learn everything I can medical-wise too cause I just like to know. Hope to see you at the zoo someday!