Reggia v. Twice - insight appreciated!


Loyal to LV
Mar 27, 2010
Hi All! I would LOVE your feedback on a decision I'm struggling with. . . I just recently bought a Sienna MM as I was looking for a DE cross body bag for when I'm shopping or traveling. So far I'm very pleased with it. Another plus of the Sienna is that it is a great bag for work!

Here is my dilemma, I also have the Reggia which I think is also a great work bag. But I can't stop thinking about the Twice cross body and I don't have a small cross body bag yet. I could certainly use one for date nights and to take to events.

I'm toying with the idea of selling the Reggia and getting the Twice (since I can use my Sienna for work now - do I really need 2 work bags?). Would love to know if any of you would or wouldn't do this! Bags I have to date are all larger shoulder bags (Reggia, Neverfull, Speedy B 35, Sienna MM, Palermo GM).

Thanks for your insight!:cool:


Dec 31, 2012
! If you think you wI'll use the Twice more there is no reason to have a bag you don't really need or won't be using ... The Reggia is discontinued so if you think you will miss this bag that's something to think about ! I sold mine and haven't looked back ! I bought something else that I enjoy using more!


Apr 28, 2015
I just got the twice and love it so far. I think its always good to have a small crossbody especially if you're walking around all day (like shopping).