Regents Bag: Leather Care Tips?

  1. Hi Girls/Guys -

    Today my Regent's Tiger Eye bag arrived in my cube today! I am very excited as (mentioned in the ideeli thread) it's a beautiful, yet casual bag that is :smile:

    However, alike the bag I saw at the Rack, it is the type of leather that may be prone to light abrasions/nicks/scratches and was wondering if any of you fabulous lambies had any tips/suggestions/experiences w/ the Regents bags.

    Typically my bags (shoes/coats) have come w/ some sort of care card as I usually do the Apple Care/Apple Gaurd on my non-patented leather goods. But, no such luck w/ this particular bag (much less a dustbag, oh well).

    Any suggestions/recommendations are welcomed :smile:

    ...and now back to googling before heading into a leather good store this weekend...

  2. The Apple should work on it. Test a tiny area.
  3. Apple also sells a spray called "Rain and Stain Repellent". I've sprayed this on other bags and it's been a good product.
    *which reminds me - I'm out and need to re-order. Used the last bit on Uggs and survived Tx weather!*

    Overall - the leather on those bags is a bit more delicate and you may not be able to completely prevent scratches, but the conditioning will minimize the look.
  4. Thanks, legsieloveslamb & yvalenz! Very much appreciate the suggestions/recommendations as it falls in-line w/ what I had in mind but wasn't 110% sure :p


  5. the regent is goat leather, so maybe look and see what the apple products state.

    i've never pre-treated anything, but have used doc baileys leather tonic for touch ups on leather that is scuffed, etc and it works great.
  6. Update: Yesterday morning (after posting) I made a few patch tests with both the Apple Care and Gaurd products. Returning home hours later, the tests came out w/out a trace - so to speak. So, the new bag was both conditioned and guarded. Today, my gal friend and I went out for lunch (Restaurant Week) and it looked fabulous! (the shot is VERY grainy; but hey, it's the laptop camera!)


    Photo 365.jpg
  7. hey didn't know where i post this question, but since this is about leather care i'll post here
    i didn't know that you shouldn't use leather protectors with silicone on handbags, so i already treated my bag with the stuff,
    just wondering why can't leather purses be treated with silicone, all i read was that i attracts dust

    i know apple care is recommend for handbags, but it's costs $25 alone to ship to Canada,
    is there any other leather care product that you guys would recommend that i can get in a store rather than online?
  8. Yay for Apple- Looks good, Swatson!

    Sorry, ninth- I don't know of any other products. Hopefully one of the others might.
  9. The silicone doesn't allow the leather to breathe, and over time, can cause the leather to wear unevenly or break/crack. It tends to dry it out over time and frequent use. it can also cause it to feel "sticky"

    I still say spend the $ on Applecare products - load up so you don't have to pay for shipping frequently.
  10. same reason why it's bad to use silicone hair products, it'll dry it out and over time get cracks.
  11. Tks, legsieloveslamb! I need to take a better photo as that was taken from my computer's camera.

    Ninth - in addition to Y's comments, you can buy the Both Apple Care at Burlington Coat Factory for 5.95$ (leather coat section of the store) and the Apple Gaurde for 4.95$. Always do a small test patch - obviously, somewhere innocuous. I use both items on my shoes, and coats in lieu of my bags.

    Good luck!

  12. ^thanks for letting me know about the silicone,
    yeah i just managed to get the apple care cleaner second hand + my lovin bag leather treatment kit for less than half the original price...
    thought that i would try bonanzle...and lucky me there was one listing
    seller is in Canada so i should get it within a couple days, hopefully my bag won't dry out too much before then

    there's no Burlington Coat Factory in Canada...i dont least there isn't one where i live...
    Americans have all the good stores....i have to basically get everything online...and then i have to pay duties/taxes