Regent and Moutarde: what do these colors look like?

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  1. The BV website lists that the medium veneta is available in these colors as well as several others. I am familiar with all but these two. I didn't see these two on the Colours thread. Perhaps I missed them.

    Can anyone either post pics of bags in these colors or describe them.
  2. Regent is green, here is a pic borrowed from Cosmopolitan's thread, Moutarde is a yellow, here is the pic from the cruise catalogue. I have also added a link to a yellow veneta on the NAP site. I suspect this colour is moutarde.:tup:

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  3. Thanks Syma. I probably like ebano, nero and noce the best ( in that order). Green and yellow are a bit too seasonal for me, at these bag prices. Did they ever do the medium veneta in OP? I bit that would be pretty.
  4. Apparently there was an OP Veneta with light pink patent stitching, but I've never seen it IRL. Here is a pic borrowed from liangxt's thread to give you an idea of the colour combo on an OP shopper bag

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  5. just listed a veneta in looks like a bright yellow. I too was wondering about regent.
  6. The OP veneta with light pink stitching is gorgeous. I have not seen one in the stores for a long time though. You have to keep your eye on Ebay and see if one comes up.