Regence mini-trunk

  1. I am a sucker for small boxes and I spotted this the minute I walked by it at the Paris boutique. I was told that it was a new item.

    Last week, Goyard posted some information about the Regence on IG

    "The Regence mini trunk was designed to fit the exact dimensions of the Regent diamond, a legendary gem widely considered the purest and most beautiful in the world. Once a part of the Crown Jewels of France, it is today showcased at the Louvre.

    A genuine treasure box where to safely and stylishly keep your most precious belongings at home or away from home, the Regence mini trunk offers the absolute essence of Goyard’s enduring aesthetics and craftsmanship.

    Each Regence is unique, as evidenced by the label to be found on the inside of its top, which details the initials of the artisan who entirely hand-crafted the piece, along with its crafting date and serial number."

    I really don't have anything to put in it :lol:, it will just sit on my dresser with my Goyard jewelry box.
    fullsizeoutput_9d06.jpeg fullsizeoutput_9d07.jpeg IMG_4072.JPG
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  2. How much are they in Paris?

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  3. I will check my receipt later for the exact amount, but I am thinking something like €750.
  4. did get the minaudiere clutch in paris too? and what's the price?
  5. Sorry, I didn’t ask about it or see it.

    I did ask about the Plumet and the boutique was sold out in all colors and didn’t know when it would be available again.
  6. I imagine the Plumet is sold out because of the more affordable price.
    You box is beautiful simple yet so special, I think the price you quoted is very fair for a piece like this
  7. That seems very cheap compared to small hardsided boxes at Louis Vuitton!
  8. The Black is $1065.
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  9. I finally found my receipt. I was close , it was € 760 for the black.
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  10. 8C0981E8-3E70-4047-8914-393EA3B515BD.jpeg 5C879106-DBD3-4678-9A1C-0C50D820A928.jpeg 38ED0C50-AF94-4A1E-B60B-BC49619E7722.jpeg 4FE7C7E5-6D81-4827-97FF-C8B3B70FC9D2.jpeg This arrived today. So excited.
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  12. I actually find it somewhat shocking. :lol:
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