REGEN - Going in Sept for Facial Contouring - REVIEWS

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  1. Flight - Check
    Hotel - Check
    Take Leave - Check
    Airport Pickup - Check
    10% Deposit - Paid

    So I'm flying off to Korea 3rd week of Sept for facial contouring - zygoma & vline. Regen is very efficient and quick in replying my emails. In just a couple of days, everything is confirmed. They even helped me book my hotel and will arrange transport to/from the airport. No frustration at all, hopefully a good start to a successful surger! Pretty psyched and very ... very ... scared!
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  2. Hope everything goes well and all. :think positive:
  3. Good luck! I am going later this year for facial contouring, possibly to Regen.

    Are you staying in the guesthouse hotel? I heard some bloggers like QiuQiu went there
  4. Good luck to you !!!!! Currently I am staying in Korea too :smile:
    How long are you going to stay in Korea???
  5. Hi - can i ask why you're going to Regen? You seem sure cus you paid the deposit! Did you consult with any other clinics? Thanks and good luck! Wishing you the best results.
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  6. I'm staying at The Designer's Hotel LYJ Gangnam Premier. I think the hotel looks very cool and I prefer a full service hotel to a guest house. Of course, different people have different preference. I know some prefer guest house because it's easier to cook.
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  7. Thanks! I'll keep everyone updated on how the surgery goes.
  8. Hihi! I'm not there yet, I'll be going in September. I will be there for 17 days, just enough time to remove my sitches before I fly back home.

    Last year when I want to Korea for Rhinoplasty and didn't have time to remove my stitches, gawd it was so difficult to find a doctor in Singapore who's willing to do so at a reasonable price ... This time round I'll make sure I get them removed in Korea. They are dissolvable but I just don't like leaving them around, higher risk of scarring.
  9. My list was Regen, DAPRS, EverM and The Face Dental (TFD).

    1. EverM - a few forumers commented that their vline were too subtle and could hardly tell the difference. The thread is here:

    Dr Yoon is a reputable maxillofacial surgeon no doubt, but I think he's more suitable for patients with real problems - bite problems. I may also consider other procedures like fillers, which I don't think they do or not their speciality.

    2. TFD - a recent forumer was not satisfied with her results. The thread is here:

    Similar to Dr Yoon, Dr Lee is also a good maxillofacial surgeon and ditto the rest of the things I've said above about EverM. TFD is also still new, there's no foreign patients service. There were actually a no. of good reviews before, but much is still left to be seen.

    3. DAPRS - Dr Lee is not a maxillofacial surgeon but he's pretty famous and clinic reputable. They are not nearly as responsive as Regen and this says a lot about aftercare, if something wrong happens to the surgery.

    4. Finally Regen - biggest of the four, very responsive, did a good job for bloggers including QiuQiu, Rachel Tan. Im getting the same surgeon, Dr Oh Myung-June. He represented Regen as a keynote speaker on facial contouring at ASPS and a forumer found out he wrote a book on facial contouring. Thread is here:

    So here you go ... The reasons why I choose Regen:

    • big reputable hospital, no need to worry about safety issues, established foreign patients services
    • very responsive (important if anything goes wrong)
    • Dr Oh has really good credentials and accolades, he was a former professor at Seoul University Hospital, and is a resident doctor, advisor and craniofacial specialist at the hospital.
  10. I actually think View Clinic is crazy responsive in Kakao. But yes Regen is good, its their price which has put me off all this while. Their prices are nuts.
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  11. Yes, View is super responsive, the quotation is also slightly cheaper. I did contacted them too. But I think Regen is better known for facial contouring, so I don't mind paying more. If I'm doing other things like fats grafting, I will consider View. I read a forumer here who had good results for fats grafting from View.
  12. I'm a little concerned about Regen's Zygoma work. Qiu Qiu did hers there and her cheeks have a slight sag to it. It's noticeable enough.

    Compared to Regen, I think DA is not very responsive. I'm worried because if during an emergency and we need an immediate response, are they going to take 12 hours to reply to a single Kakao message?
  13. I think sagging is a very real risk and depends a lot on individuals as much as on the surgeon's skills. I think both Dr Lee Sang Woo and Dr Oh Myung June are good. I just cross my fingers that Dr Oh is on top form when he's doing my surgeries lol. If he tell me that there's a high chance that my face will sag, I don't think I'll go for it.

    If you look at DA b&a, you'll notice that many gals are not bad looking to begin with, also, the selfies mostly are top down or angled beauty shots with makeup, colored contacts... I find Regen's b&a more believable. Both clinics photos make use of lighting in their after photos though.
  14. You have a similar list to mine. I'm going next week for zygoma, vline and maybe rhino.

    My list so far:
    - regen
    - da
    - TL
    - everm
    - Braun
  15. I hope everything goes well, be sure to update us when you can, remember you're not alone! Good luck good luck.
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