Regarding the Louis Vuitton subforum

  1. I don't mean to complain, so I hope I don't come across that way, but I have a suggestion. :cool:

    Could we have one centralized subforum (or even a sticky) where everyone can post the "treasures" they find on eBay or iOffer? It was amusing at first, but it's starting to be a teensy bit negative for me. I feel like every second or third post is a competition to see who can find the ugliest fake Speedy or shoes or bikini that's Louis Vuitton "inspired." When I'm in the LV forum I prefer to discuss LV, not all the fakes. Perhaps if they were centralized, then if I was interested I could go there for entertainment value?

    Just my $0.02. :shame:
  2. ^this is turning me off too, lots of "look at this, it's the worst fake EVAH" threads! LOL!
  3. *Whew* I'm glad it isn't just me, Swanky!
  4. It's Not Just You Two. It's Too Much With The Fakes.
  5. I agree, I'm tired of looking at fakes, I want to see the REAL deal!!
  6. I heartily agree. There's way too many "Look at this fake! ha ha" posts happening in the LV subforum.
  7. I agree with Swanky
  8. I'm not even in LV that much, but when I am, there are too many of these posts to sift through!
  9. yea.. i concur. a stickied thread of "worst fake EVER" would be nice..
  10. Ditto~~I never even click on a thread about Fakes.
  11. Excellent idea in my opinion. You can start the topic yourself (post all fakes here) and I can sticky it for you... or better yet... let me go do that for you and then that can consolidate it all hopefully! :heart:
  12. Thanks Megs! That's a great idea!