Regarding the green bellboy purse

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  1. Hey ladies, just out of curiosity, which green did the green bellboy set use?

    From the promo pictures the colour seemed pretty dark, but I've seen a friend of mine using a green bellboy purse and it was like a bit darker than apple green, would be attributed to light green.

    Could it be fake or they produced a different colour range? Didn't ask her where she got hers but I kinda like the green colour of that purse. Would love to get a similar green bellboy something myself.

    Any ideas ladies? Thanks!

    BTW, this is the LV "official" promo picture of the range.

  2. they only made it in the green that is in the picture.
  3. The zippy organizer was the only green and it was rather dark. If she has the Monogram Groom on an actual purse it's not real.
  4. Nope, everything that's in the picture you posted is everything that was made in the Groom line (though there was also a blue agenda). There were no bags and the only green piece was that Zippy wallet.
  5. They only made one green and that's the green on the picture you have above. I have the green zippy organiser, blue zippy wallet and the round coin purse (can't recall what that is called in French). I LOVE this collection and that's why I got quite a few!