Regarding the Geant bags.

  1. Are they really that new??

    I'm referring to the Yack and the Couguar specifically...most of you know I have my eye on the Couguar, and after a long talk last night with my boyfriend we had an idea to go visit Banff during reading week starting on the 19th.

    I called ahead to the Banff boutique and Lisa (she's so sweet!) helped me and checked if they had any...none...and she said there are only 3 in Canada in the "brown" colour (I'm assuming she's referring to the Terre colour) I asked if there were any Noir in stock and she said no...because it's still a pretty new bag.

    So checking out the Couguar at Banff...boohoo :sad:
  2. I think it came out later last year so maybe 5-6 months old
  3. Ohhh...I thought they were nearing to be at least a year old...
  4. the new Geant bags came out around October/November last year :yes:
  5. Yep- I was at a boutique in late October and saw the new Geant bags (Yack, Cougar, Albatross, and Belier). I was fairly suprised because I hadn't heard anything on the PF prior :p
  6. Thanks for the confirmation Label Addict, deluxeduck and ValleyOppressed! :biggrin:
  7. can you take pix with them on when you get there? i am curious how the size will be irl on a girl.
  8. There aren't any in stock for me to see...and I don't think I would be allowed to take pictures of myself wearing a bag that I haven't purchased yet.
  9. I have a question, does the couguar hold it's shape even if it is empty? :smile:
  10. I think they're relatively new...been out 6 months??? dunno, but I'm pretty sure less than a year old....

    Also...kinda aside: @%&)(#^@)&%)(@&) I DESPISE LISAAAAAAAA!:cursing: lol

  11. Thanks:yes: