regarding the damier hampstead

  1. do you guys know when the damier hampstead first launch in the store??
  2. Not that long ago, do a search for will see everyone's posts when they first got them :smile:

  3. thank you twinkle.
    anyway , my other question is that why ms mbmomo's hampstead date code is CA1097, and the other one that i saw is Ca0037?? is the second datecode is right? i know that recently lv change the system on their datecoding
  4. both of those date codes make sense...the first one would mean it was made 19 th week of 07, second on 3rd week of 07....

    I tried to check my for, but I could find the date hard on the red.
  5. April 1, 2007 was the launch date for Hampstead because I picked it up that day. Got the MM size.