Regarding the Coach Legacy Stripe Wristlet

  1. Hi all! My girls and me have been eyeing this wristlet for a few days and I read that it's sold out worldwide. I'm not located in USA but if any of you saw it in any outlet, PLEASE PM me! Many Thanks! :heart::yes:
  2. I want one too. I have not seen it in the outlet, and when I asked the usual SA she said she had not seen them yet either.
  3. They had 2893821093 of them at Woodbury Commons a couple weeks back. They were maybe $50? Not positive but they had SOO many of them, like 60.
  4. They have them at Burlington and Tulalip outlets. They were $39.99 after all the discounts.
  5. They had a bunch at the Wrentham outlet in MA the last time I went (about a month ago).
  6. I need to go there :biggrin: I always go to Riverhead. I don't know why. Maybe when I get my tax return back :biggrin:
  7. awww. ;/ grrr @ coach price in USA. Singapore's coach is like 150% of the price in USA.