Regarding Speedy handle

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  1. Hello here.. i just wanna know, do u all use the speedy right away after buying it or wait for the handle to be a lil bit brownie only use it ? cause i can see some dirt on my bag's handle already :s i just bought it 1 month ago. Any recommended way to remove them ?
  2. A lot of people here swear by baby wipes (the non alcoholic variety). I don't have a speedy but that's what I have read on here. Try doing a search and you may find some more info.
  3. Maybe what you're seeing isn't dirt? It might be a good idea to post some pics. It could be that the handles are starting to darken in places already? I know this is how I felt with my first speedy. I took it to the boutique and the SA told me this wasn't dirt but that the color would eventually even out, and it did:smile:
  4. I will spray apple garde before using .. I just bot Mini LIn in ebene and the handles are sooo carefree-- My azur speedy handle are patina-in beautifullly..
  5. I used Mr Magic Eraser. Works great but then spray either Kiwi protect all or Apple Garde afterward. Mine got dirty after like 2 weeks because I used it so often. Baby wipe works great but I like Mr Magic better.
  6. I usually wait before i use one of my handheld bags for them to get a little color so they don't get dirty. I also suggest baby wipes.
  7. I use my bags as soon as I get them! Some people do tan the leather in a window first though so the dirt doesn't show as much!
  8. i keep baby wipes in my bag
  9. I use appleguard on my bags to protect them. If I get dirt, I either use baby wipes or the magic eraser.
  10. I used my Speedy right away & baby wipes worked great for cleaning the handles
  11. I immediately carried my speedy, and I have never treated the leather. I also tie a cute scarf on my speedy, and when I carry it, I just wrap the scarf around the handles. This way, I never directly touch the handles.
  12. try to clean it with a pencil eraser. I was told by a SA in Hong Kong.
  13. I'd say just dont worry about it.

    Its a bag, use it!
  14. Totally off topic but your dog is so cute!!!
  15. No no !!! Don't do anything it's normal every bags in this leather do this, in some weeks a beautiful patina will be here.