regarding special orders

  1. 1. How much more is it? Like 30% + the reg one?
    2. Can I special order a bag to be made w/ the vernis instead of the monogram?
  2. It's usually is a 30% markup and I don't think they do Vernis Special Order, or at least I've never seen one...what are you looking to Special Order ? It's usually Monogram to EPI or Damier and sometimes Mini Monogram
  3. I want the marelle pm in perle.
  4. Ooo..That sounds NICE..I don't think it'll hurt to ask just call your 866-vuitton...
  5. I would like to know this also, let us know when you find out.
  6. :amazed: that would be lovely!:biggrin::flowers:
  7. There is also a lot of vachetta special orders. I'm hoping to be able to do one in the near future.
  8. I have seen a few Vernis pieces in special order... Speedy 30 with a pocket like the fringe and a large bucket
  9. wow! sounds gorgeous! let us know the answer! :yes:
  10. i would love to order a ribera mm in epi! I am sure a vernis special order is possible. i remember they sold a bronze vernis bucket pm at the Houston Boutique for $1,700 last year.
  11. wow, that would be lovely....i like the ribera mini but not in damier but epi would be nice....i wonder how much it would cost...:amazed:

  12. ^^^ Epi ribera?? that would be so cute!