Regarding Red Metallics for S/S2008

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  1. I posted this in a thread in the Chanel Shopping subforum, but I'll repost it here for everyone interested in the red metallic flaps for S/S2008.

    I emailed one of my Neiman's SAs and asked if she knew whether Neiman's had ordered the red metallic 2.55 reissue and that I wanted to be added to their reserve list. Her email response is below. I wrote her back for clarification because I don't completely understand the difference between "metallic" and "crackled metallic" and I didn't even know that they were making both for S/S2008.

    Maybe the "metallic" bags are the classics and the "crackled metallics" are the reissues.
    :shrugs: I'll post when I get her response.

  2. Wow. I'm definitely confused now! LOL. If the regular metallic is, in fact, the classics, then I had no idea that they were releasing a classic in purple as well as a reissue! This makes me want a purple classic jumbo. :wondering
  3. My guess is metallics are for the reissues (like metallic black reissue from last year), and crackled metallic is the patent (like the black crackled patent and navy crackled patent from last year). I have heard of crackled patent that doesn't leave fingerprints vs. the standard patent that leaves fingerprints. :shrugs:
  4. And I think it's the other way around. Since we've already seen a picture of the red metallic patent e/w on eBay. So the crackled metallic should be the reissues.
  5. Thanks for the info Mon! I hope your SA emails you back with clarification. SS sounds so exciting!!!!
  6. Delicious, that red flap is gorgeous!