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  1. I will not go into more detail, but most of you realized that this place turned into a big mess yesterday. A mess that left Megs going crazy all day, kept our mods on their toes for hours and had me worry while trying to enjoy my vacation. Sigh, the worst stuff always has to happen when you need it the least.

    Either way, some emergency changes were introduced and new user registrations were disabled. This should take care of things for at least the next few days until I get back home on Saturday.

    I sincerely apologize for the events, but there was no way for either of us to prevent it, when the trolls flooded in here in the dozens, any intervention on my part was already too late...

    Thanks to Megs and our wonderful mods Swanky, Pradasmeadow, Loganz, amanda and Cristina for cleaning this place up! :nuts:
  2. I'm sorry Megs & Vlad that you've had to spend your time (esp. skiing time Vlad) cleaning this up. You two do an amazing job and have 5 wonderful, wonderful moderators!

    YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks again. Mwuh, mwuh, big kisses to you all!
  3. PS. We may release more information later, dependent on how we decide to handle the mess. Consequences will stem from this, though.
  4. O.K. I know Im going to sound really dumb, but what is a troll? Please be easy on me! LOL
  5. wow....sorry for all of the problems but thanks so much for working hard and updating everyone here!
  6. Troll generally means that someone is making comments to incite hate, arguements and anger.

    And thanks once again, Mods, Admins !
  7. Sorry this had to go on when you are supposed to be relaxing!!! Have fun. When the boss is away the ones who are kids always try to play!
  8. Vlad, you Megs and the mods are doing an amazing job! Now go enjoy your vacation- all is well here! The trolls are gone (YEAH!~) thanks to all of your efforts!
  9. You guys are great and did a fabulous job per usual! Have a FAB remaining vacation and no worries :=)
  10. I didn't notice a thing. Y'all did a great job. Thanks for keepting this place clean.
  11. OOH:lol: !
    phew! Glad to know I'm not one:biggrin: . Thanks Ayla;) And a personal thanks to Vlad, Megs, and all of the wonderful, hardworking moderators!! GREAT WORK!!
  12. It is not your fault! You guys did a wonderful job and it is great to know we can rely on you all to keep us safe! This is a wonderful site and I am so glad I found it! :nuts:
    Thank you and I hope you can rest for a while now.

    Good job to all you mods!
  13. I know. Thats terrible :sad2: . You and Megs stop worrying and enjoy you vacation!
  14. You guys are doing a great job. I'm sorry you have to deal with all the stress [​IMG]
  15. ditto. i have no idea what you're talking about.
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