Regarding PinkBerry Frozen Yogurt

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  1. The heat has been killing me recently and although I don't normally eat ice cream, I've only recently become aware of the PinkBerry frozen yogurt craze. I tried a bite of my friend's and thought it was pretty good. He kept telling me that it's okay for me to eat it because it's zero fat and only like 20-30 calories per ounce if you don't put toppings on it.
    My question is...has anyone gotten fat from eating too much of PinkBerry? Or perhaps have you lost weight from switching from regular ice cream to PinkBerry's frozen yogurt? Just curious!:p
  2. There's something like that near where I live called Berryline which has the same frozen yogurt at 25 cal per oz. The trick is the small already has 6 oz. so really a snack without any additional toppings is already 150 calories! I noticed I wasn't losing weight when I ate there repeatedly (during exam period) and I think the problem was that adding the extra 150 to my diet when I didn't exercise more mean I added 1050 calories a week, which clearly would have resulted in weight gain in the long term. Treat yourself once in a while, but I'd caution against going more than once a week.
  3. I don't think you would lose a significant amount of weight from switching from ice cream to yogurt, unless you eat it THAT much. It's not good to eat too much of anything anyway. I love Pinkberry btw :smile: very yummy!
  4. OMG, I am a frozen yogurt addict of Pinkberry-style places. It is even more dangerous at places like Yogurtland, America's Cup or Cherry-on-top where you just fill a tub and they charge you by the weight. I am sure it seems low in calories if you consider it by the ounce, but since a normal serving is about the size of a cereal bowl at some of these places, the calorie-savings is null and might even be worse than regular ice cream. Still, I don't care because I LOVE it :p
  5. I don't think its going to assist in weight loss at all. I mean at the end of the day its all about how much of something you eat thats going to determine whether you gain or lose weight.
  6. I ate at Pinkberry for the first time sometime in June during my vacation in L.A., and I didn't like it. It was way too sweet for my taste. I tried another frozen yogurt in the L.A. area (self-serve) and the yogurt was much better. Just perfect with no soury-sweetness that Pinkberry has. :yucky:

    I read all about the craze too, but I hate to say that I was disappointed.
  7. Oh boy I LOVE Pinkberry, esp. plain. I read somewhere that people have nicknamed it "Crackberry" because it is so addictive. (No kidding, I could probably eat it for breakfast and dinner if I allowed myself). I do not think it's too healthy in large amounts though; it's probably healthier than ice cream, but it's still full of sugar. If you're are trying to lose weight (as I am) for the summer, it is best to stick w/ fresh fruit and stay away from sugar.
  8. I've never had pinkberry but my first job in high school was in a yogurt shop. Now this was back in 1990, when people thought yogurt was healthy and ate it as meal replacements. There is so much sugar in it, so even the fat-free ones pack on the calories. We used to have a fat-free, sugar-free option for the diabetics that was only like 10 cals/oz but it didn't taste very good. We didn't weigh our yogurts, rather we were instructed to fill the cup and add about a 1" swirl over the top. You don't know how many people used to glare at me, pound the cup on the counter to pack it in and insist that I didn't give them enough-so yes they were ordering the smallest cup but actually eating a medium cup amount of yogurt. You won't lose weight by eating pinkberry. If it is above what you normally eat then you might actually start gaining weight. An occasional treat won't hurt though...I know the place is very popular with celebrities like Paris Hilton but remember when you see pics of them walking out of Pinkberry with their yogurt, that might be all they are eating for the day!
  9. haha, i dont know of anyone getting fat from eating frozen yougurt. but im sure if you eat it and dont do any sort of physical activity, you will gain weight. i love pink berry, red mango, and yoga berry.
  10. I like Red Mango. A little less sour than Pinkberry though I am always up for that! Just do some walking or physical activity before or afterwards to get rid of the extra calories.
  11. Oh my god, one of my favourite things about moving to LA was access to Pinkberry. I don't think you can actually lose weight by having it instead of ice cream, unless (like someone else mentioned), you're eating a lot of ice cream. That being said, I think it is a healthier choice than ice cream and might help with weight loss if you're looking to make healthier choices throughout your diet, and this is just one part of that. I think a medium is about 100-150 calories depending on which flavour you get, which I consider pretty good for a dessert-type food.
  12. I prefer Red Mango as well, and I don't like that Pinkberry ripped off their idea. ce fiore is my favorite, though.

    If you want really low-cal frozen yogurt and you're in So Cal, try menchies. It's in the valley, near North Hollywood. They have a lot of different flavors, and it's charged by weight. The ones that are fat-free/Splenda are only 11 calories per ounce (before toppings), and taste pretty good!
  13. We don't have Pinkberry where I live, but we do have Yogurtland which I'm in love with b/c it's cheap and you get to fill your cup with what you want. Since I started going to Yogurtland, I haven't gained or lost any weight. I guess that's a good thing. :smile: