Regarding Damier Azur

  1. Is Damier Azur seasonal or something? Why is the price of Damier Azur so high on eBay? ;/
  2. it is permanent but in many places the waitlists are very long and stores are slow getting stock I guess this is what drives up the eBay prices
  3. I think it is permanent, but still fairly new so stock is slow to come in.
    I had to stalk eluxury for many nights to get my azur speedy 25!
  4. LA is right- it's permanent, but demand has been higher than expected and some places sell out on waitlists before any hit the floor. If I'm not mistaken they're aren't any waitlists in the US still?
  5. It's permanent!!!
  6. I can't believe how fast it sold out! :wtf:
  7. i just ordered mine (speedy 30) online last night.....

    after reading this thred and checked out on eBay....oh my!!! they ARE expensive! when i talked to my mom who lives in japan on the phone last night, she said that she saw on TV saying that Damier Azur is very hard to get and resale value is super hight at this moment!!!!
  8. oh...I should've sold mine when it was new and make some $ on Ebay lol. But u can definitely still locate them, try 866, or stick around on elux:yes: Azur looks amazing w/patina too!
  9. Singapore still has them.. Therefore, I dont understand why the price is so high one ebay. I kinda like the color of it after awhile..
  10. :yes: Some folks don't have the patience so sellers feed off that.