Regarding Buying Used LV bags.......


Apr 23, 2006
I personally don't mind buying used LV bags from ebay, let-trade, long as they are authentic. I told a friend that I am waiting for a used LV bag from "HONG KONG" & immediately, she said, "My gosh, you bought your bag from HK???!?! :wtf: Isn't that SCARY??" :sad: I told her that I am not scared because not everyone from HK sells fake bags. :yucky: I also told her that people from this forum help me authenticate the bag & I have learned a lot of great tips on how to tell if a bag is fake or not. She stills said, "Well, how do you know if it's real when u are not buying it from a LV counter." :shrugs: :shrugs:

Does similar situation ever happen to you?? If so, how do you deal with it? I know as long as I know that the bag is real...but it just bugs me that I have to defense my LV bags all the time. What do you say to ppl who doesn't believe that your bag is real when u bought them from ebay,etc?


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Oct 29, 2005
Yes, it happens to me quite alot and that's why I usually tell them I bought it from the LV store or I bought it used from a relative or something. Otherwise, you'll always be defending your bag's authenticity. Only my family members or really close friends know where I bought my LVs from.


Aug 31, 2006
Agree with Isis. I could really care less if someone thinks my bag is fake, but I know stuff like that can be so annoying. I've had acquaintances and relatives tell me that the stuff I buy is worthless and no-good because it's used and it might possibly be fake. But hey, as long as I get a good deal, and the bag is in good condition, I'm not one to complain. If anything, they're probably just annoyed with the fact that you got a good price and they'd like to assume the worst.

The Snorks

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Aug 10, 2006
yes, I get this too, but I also tell my friends that I have done my research, gone to the boutique, felt up some authentic bags, and can honestly tell the difference between a fake and a real LV bag. The one prevalent myth that many people believe is in the 'Superfake,' and you will hear plenty of urban legends about sales associates, etc., who have been fulled by these superfakes. I had the opportunity to see a so-called 'superfake' first hand, and trust me, if you have ever owned a real lv, you KNOW the difference. While the superfakes look good far away, up close, they are sadly lacking that certain finish and tactile sensation that one gets from a real bag.

While some members fear getting a fake so badly that they only buy from a boutique, I would rather get a bag from a trustworthy source and save hundreds of dollars.


Jul 30, 2006
I agree with bernz, I could care less about what other people think, as long as I know my bags are authentic, that's what matters! Besides, used or brand new from the store un-LV-educated people always assume your bag is fake!:mad:


Aug 31, 2006
I think I should start telling ppl that I got my bags from LV store if they ask so I can avoid questions regarding authenticity!

I'm beginning to think the same way, too, but...I hate lying to people about where I get my bags. But you're right, this can deflect questioning and comments. At the same time, though, I don't think you should sweat it; they're your bags, and you should be proud that you have them!

The only time I'll ever lie is when I'm at the boutique and an SA asks about my bags...:sweatdrop: esp. since I don't have a super long history...


Aug 16, 2006
I get these comments all the time from my immediate family..."you got that from where? Ebay? Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can't be sure whether it's authentic or not? How can you be sure it's real? Why dont you just go to the store and spend a few more $$ and know for sure youre getting the real deal?"...and on and on and on. Next thing you know, I would be asked to look for a certain item on Ebay cause I got a great deal from the last time. *tsk tsk* Sigggh, I tell ya.


Aug 21, 2006
I wonder who these people are that you encounter?. Not once has anyone that I have known or a stranger comment on any of my handbags. I know I don't live under a mushroom and wonder around just like everyone else.
Very interesting.