reg pochette or mini

  1. which one is better to keep in your larger bags..? I keep going back and forth with this? Need some help..thanks:confused1:
  2. regular pochette accessoire
  3. ^regular pochette
  4. Reg Pochette
  5. I'd go with the regular so you can use it as a small clutch or shoulder bag when you go out.
  6. I vote Regular too
  7. Reg pochette def
  8. I have a mini pochette and it's cute, but I want an Azur Reg. pochette now.
  9. regular. so far, unanimous!
  10. regular! or better yet, get both but in different prints!
  11. Regular, it is more useful.
  12. Regular
  13. Regular for sure, I LOVE mine.
  14. regular in Damier would be so cute!!
  15. I would do regular pochette in MC maybe? or Vernis