Refusing a shipment question

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  1. #1 Apr 12, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2016
    Has anyone successfully refused a shipment from either or the ILoveDooney site and received credit for their item? I ask because an order was placed by mistake. I immediately sent an email to cancel. I didn't get a response so, I called and left a message. Still no response. Finally, late last night I received an email indicating that my order had shipped. When I wrote to customer service this morning asking why I had not received a response and why had my order been shipped, I received a response within three minutes telling me I can return it within 30 days. I asked about return shipping and was basically told they will not cover return shipping because they couldn't cancel the order in time. To me this is terrible customer service.

    And before everyone asks how I could place an order by mistake, :graucho:I checked out through PayPal and thought that I would be given the opportunity to add the promo code on another screen. For whatever reason I wasnt given that option and the order was submitted.
  2. 3Doxie: I've never refused a shipment. The reason is that I want to be able to track the package and have it insured. If you refuse a shipment you might be able to track it, but you don't have any insurance.... only the original shipper does. So, if the package doesn't get back to them and isn't credit, I'm not sure you have any recourse.
  3. That's my fear also, LG.
  4. If you have the tracking number, it remains the same as long as the package is moving. So you should be able to track it all the way back to Dooney's warehouse. Once you see that it is delivered, wait a couple of days and dispute the charge with Paypal, using that tracking number.

  5. Those were my thoughts, however, since the package will be diverted back to the sender and they don't cover return shipping, I wonder how that will play out.
  6. Beats me. If they tried to charge me return shipping I would dispute that, too. Dooney needs to get their ish together with customer service.

  7. Exactly... I guess that's the bottom line!