Refusing a package from USPS- Will tracking show?

  1. Will the USPS tracking show that the package is refused and on its way back to the seller if I refuse a package at delivery?
  2. Why are you refusing it in first place?
  3. Don't refuse the package. There was a thread about this and it was a nightmare for the buyer and seller.
  4. Another eBay transaction problem? You sure do seem to be unlucky. Refusing delivery is foolish and it takes FOREVER to get back to the seller. Accept, follow the rules, and ship it back when Paypal tells you to. That is the best way to get through any dispute as quickly and pain free as possible. Good luck!
  5. :lol:

  6. you have to give them credit though - they keeps trying!!!:graucho::tup:
  7. Do not refuse the package- if you need to return it, pay the return postage and get a proper tracking number.
  8. agree with the above posts.. do not refuse the package.. a big headache for you

    as well as the seller
  9. Op are you coming back to this thread?
  10. So many little time
  11. ladies, no one is obligated to "return to a thread" . . . don't press for drama por favor :biggrin:
  12. I would definitely not refuse it! I sold something a year ago that the buyer refused (we agreed on a return after I sent it and they decided to just refuse it to save on shipping). I never got it back and there was no tracking etc to find where it was lost. It was a huge hassle and in the end the buyer was the one who was out the money since they refused it and went against eBay/paypal rules. Just pay to ship it back...that way you are protected too!
  13. Yep there was a thread where someone refused a package and it was a nightmare. Please don't do it.

  14. I just found out I bought a fake from this seller and I didn't want to pay for returning shipping cost. What to do what to do.
  15. Have you contacted ebay/PP regarding what they want you to do?