1. I'm curious about how H refurbishes things. Are there particular leathers that can't be refurbished? Can they spruce up toile/canvas? Can hardware be polished or simply changed? Is this process done here in the USA or sent overseas? And what about the expense? Am I asking too many questions? Am I a pain in the butt?:yes:

    Thank you, my friends....I love to learn. :cool:
  2. It is about $80.00 to get a box leather bag refurbished and they send it to New York. It takes between 4-6 weeks. I am not sure about the other leathers. Some of the hardware can be replaced but it is about $495.00. I think they can clean toile but I don't know about the price.
  3. Hardware can be changed, also.
  4. About hardware being changed, I've heard different stories. Some SA's/stores say yes, some say no. Doesn't it depend on the bag as well? It would be quite a task to change the hardware on Kellys and Birkins!
  5. Claude in NYC said they'll do it on something like a Trim, but not a Birkin or Kelly. It's very pricey!!
  6. Claude is supposed to be the best!
  7. Yup go Claude, go! He's also incredibly friendly on the phone.
  8. you send your bags to NYC?
  9. No, mine will go to Beverly Hills, but I called about getting the HW changed on an ebay bag I was considering a few years ago. He was so nice!
  10. I love Claude ! Always kind and gives me great advice in caring for my bags and shoes.

    I just saw him last week when I dropped off a box leather Birkin for polishing. I think he is quite handsome too...:heart:
  11. I have a secret to confess.......I have a crush on him.
  12. oh he cute?
  13. Like Hermeslady says, handsome, to me in a very Gaulic way. Impeccable manners and the most pleasant personality. He reminds me of a middle-aged Alain Delon.