Refurbishing your spy?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has sent out their spy to be refurbished. I've had my cognac spy for a year now and it's beginning to get faded in certain areas. I'm hoping that if I get it refurbished, it might even out the color. Any suggestions? If you've had your spy refurbished, any pics would be appreciated. TIA:flowers:
  2. I've had my cognac Spy about a year now as well. I've been putting Coach leather conditioner on it, but it doesn't really do much. Once it dries I can't tell I even applied it to the bag.

    Sorry that I don't have any better advice. Please let me know if you find a solution!
  3. I may do that in the near future so please let me know how it goes if you do it. I did call fendi and they said that the reburbishing would return the color to the original color and reseal it....of course that was someone at my local Fendi and not the place where they would do the refurbing, but I imagine they knew what they were talking about. They couldn't give me a time frame though....anyone know the answer?
  4. ^A poster in a different forum sent her cognac spy to be refurbished and it took two months. Apparently the refurbishing is free if you've owned it under a year, after that time period, you have to pay $120US. I'm just waiting to see her after pics to see if it's actually worth it ... I was hoping someone here would have already tried it. I guess I just want to make sure that the refurbishing will make a difference.:shrugs:
  5. I wanna know this too. I've purchased LMB and Apple Grurd.. But, have not tried on any of my spies yet.
  6. Ooo I just purchased Appleguard as well! I have been using it on my LV's and it works fine, just not sure about my cognac spy... :push:
  7. Thanks so much for the info on time/price of refurbishing. The time frame is long but price seems reasonable!

    I used LMB on my choco spy w/o a problem...I tested a small area on the bottom and under the spy flap first though to be sure.
  8. [B]echo_23[/B] - The price might actually be lower since that poster also had to get her handles fixed ... I'll have to see how much Holt Renfrew will quote me since that's where I purchased mine.