Refurbishing the worn out corners on my BV Cabat...

  1. Hi,

    I have never posted in the Bottega section before because I only have the one BV Cabat, which I love. So I appreciate you all bearing with me if I am asking a really stupid question, but I am basically unfamiliar with the policies of BV.
    I did do a search and was unable to find the particular answer I was looking for. I really throw my Med. Cabat around and so two of the corners have worn out a bit. I am used to Hermes and their refurbishing treatments, which will fix the wear and tear every now and then. Does BV offer a service like this? Thanks so much for helping me out, :smile:!
  2. In Singapore, the BV boutique will handle cleaning and polishing locally (takes about a week for an extensive job).... if the leather needs to be re-weaved or for any major repairs, they will send it back to Italy and that takes 6 months (yes, you heard correctly, 6 months!). And in this case, it's chargeable.
  3. mlbags, do you know if all BV boutiques offer such service? That will be fantastic! I don't mind paying for such service as long as they help to take care of the bag when it's getting dirty or needs reparation.

    I'm thinking on buying a Montaigne bag in Magnolia color which I truly truly love. My only concern is the cleaning and wearing out issue as the Magnolia Montaigne is just too delicate and fragile! Also do I have to go back to the original BV boutique or I can get it cleaned in all BV stores? Thanks!
  4. Gemibebe, sorry I can't offer much explanation as I've never shopped in any BV stores other than Singapore and I hardly travel.

    But, I know who can help you - Ms Piggy, you there, hello....! I'm sure Ms Piggy might shed some light, she simply knows all about BV !!!
  5. Oh mlbags, I do wish I'm miss-know-it-all.

    gemibabe, I should think it would be a world-wide service as I just can't imagine BV practising inconsistent service globally. I have experienced nothing but good (bordering excellent) service thus far from BV. And you do not have to go back to the original boutique as far as I know. I bought my Veneta from Bangkok and the Singapore boutique provided free cleaning and conditioning when I brought it in. No questions asked!
  6. Thank you so much, mlbags and mspiggy! I really appreciate your insight and knowledge regarding this issue. One of the managers from another shop I know just moved over to BV, so I do feel comfortable going to see him regarding the matter, but I did want to know what I might be getting into. I will update my post with whatever happens to my Cabat and I am really hoping that the corners can be retouched a bit, even if it takes 6 months, it is worth it -- I love this bag so much! Thanks again.
  7. Mrs M,

    please do keep us appraised of what BV's response is. I would like to know the answer for future planning!
  8. Mlbags and Ms Piggy, thank you so much for the advice! I guess you have propelled me to make decision to buy the Montaigne in Magnolia color, which is really my favorite but I'm so scared of its fragility.
  9. I think all the BV stores offer some refurbishing service. In the Chicago shop today I told the SA I'd ruined a zip card case by getting ballpoint pen ink on it and he said I should've taken it to them--they would've tried their methods to clean it up; I panicked and tried cleaning it myself and wrecked it.

    anyway, in future I'll trust BV to do their best to refurbish the leather.
  10. BV are rather expensive and due to the super soft leather used, delicate too, I must say. So, it's rather assuring to know that the boutiques do provide excellent service. The SAs are always assuring me that if anything should happen to my BV, to bring it in without hesitation.

    Despite me saying that BVs are delicate, a lady whom I met at the boutique (she was buying a Cabat) told me that her BVs never spoils.... she told me she had one for 15 years and it's still almost perfect. Isn't this good to hear!
  11. ^ Wow, a cabat that lasted more than 15 years. It's reassuring to hear the leather is able to withstand the test of time.
  12. This is wonderful information! Thanks for sharing. I was kind of worried about wear since the leather seems so delicate. MrsMorris, good luck with your beautiful Cabat!
  13. I have also called several BV stores here in Europe and they all confirm one info: all BV stores provide the same refurbishing service and it doesn't matter where your original boutique of purchase is.

    Also during the 1st year the service is free of charge. Later on the charge will always depends on how much work they need to do, but normally it's around 50euro (which according to the value of a BV bag, is very reasonable).

    They also informed me that if a bag needs to be sent back to Italy for reparation, if it's sent within Europe, normally it takes only 4 weeks!

    With all these information, I think I'm no more hesitating about buying my beloved Magnolia bag!!!:yahoo:
  14. ^ Thanks gemibebe for the information. Oh, please post pics of your Magnolia Montaigne, we would all love to see one here.