Refurbishing question

  1. Is it relatively easy to re-wax some worn edges on your handbag? I was quickly giving one of my bags a quick check between rotation & noticed that the wax is actually quite worn & breaking up. Is this a possible (hopefully easy) spa fix or an inevitable occurance that I just need to live with. TIA!
  2. yep - they can do it.
  3. Yup! Definitely. I sent in my shoulder birkin to have that done. The 2 handles of my shoulder birkin were pressed together for some time (wax side to wax side), and they become 'fused'. So when I seprated the handles, some parts came off. I have not received my bag yet but I am pretty sure when it comes back, it will look as good as new. After re-applying that stuff, the craftsman will use one of his tools to smooth out the edges.
  4. Bringing my old Maron/Chestnut Kelly in for a spa treatment tomorrow and I know they're going to spritz up her waxed sides like new! After 40 years, the old girl need a little wax job...................
  5. ^^^ :roflmfao: :lol: