Refurbishing Leather?

  1. Does MJ refurbish the leather of their bags? If they do, how much does it usually cost?:smile:
  2. :noworry: Funny, I was just wondering about this very thing Sap Green Sophia has a place on the edge where the color has worn away a bit from my arm, and I've seen no do-it-yourself leather cremes in a shade anywhere even close. It does look kind of cool this way though, with the worn spot, since it shows off just how much I dearly LOVE it. Anybody know anything? I just don't trust the neighborhood "shoe-repair guy" for this. :weird:

  3. Not so much MJ but I have an amazing Dior clutch but the inside leather is flaking off is there anything I can do?
  4. nope...Mj doesn't doo leather refurbishing as far as i know. several girls on here have had great results with various methods of applying acrylic based paints in combination with leather conditioner. there's a DIY thread....let me go dig it up :tup:
  5. proably not. if it's a leather lining that's flaking, generally this happens either from exposure to humidity or improper storage. the lining is damaged and would need to be replaced
  6. Loving my Bags does restoration work
    and they come highly recommended by many tPFers (esp girls in the Balenciaga forum). I recently contacted them for a quote to have some work done to a MJ Stam. The corner wear was pretty minor & she quoted me at $25/corner to restore it (more extensive wear/damage might be a little higher)

    You could contact her and explain what you want/need done and she'll let you know how much it might cost to restore it