Refurbishing Chanel Bags - Does Chanel Replace The Liner And Do The Works Or No?

  1. I am considering purchasing a Vintage Cherry Red Chanel Quilted Tote. The bag looks good for the most part - some minor scuffs which I could live with. Problem is the ribbon through the chain strap- it is dirty and I'd like to clean it. This is what I was wondering? The bag has a cloth lining - so would Chanel would replace the cloth lining as part of the refurbish? Or just clean the chain? Has anyone ever refurbished a bag? Is it a total refurbish or would they just cleam the chain?
  2. I had a huge briefcase refurbed at Chanel ($265). They replaced the hardware, repaired the corners/edges and redyed the bag.

    I also has another tote reglued on the slot pockets. ($95). Chanel in BH has a repair department and they can give you estimates of work and cost. I think they replace the interior at your request.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks Regina. Exactly the information I was looking for.