refurbishing bags

  1. Anyone ever send their bag to Prada for a "spa" treatment? My cera guaffre has been well loved this summer and there are some tiny marks on it.
  2. I doubt if Prada will do this kind of service since it is not an U.S. based company. You may consider checking with

    They do great jobs to restore Balenciaga bags. They might can do something to your Gauffre.
  3. ^^ ITA..that place or Margaret's Cleaners. They're based out of La Jolla, CA.
  4. Wow, La Jolla! Have you used Margaret's Cleaners before and did they do a good job on your purse(s)? I live in Temecula, CA and would rather drive there rather than having to ship to somewhere else! :yes:
  5. My SA at NM said they would send it to Prada, but I didn't get it there.
  6. I would love to have my Nylon cosmetic case cleaned.
  7. Or, you could call Prada Boutique in Beverly Hills (310) 278-8661 and ask them directly?