Refurbishing an Amazonia GP bag

  1. Has anyone had any experience with an Amazonia bag? My Garden Party Amazonia is wearing away at the corners. Can they fix this?:s
  2. I have never owned an Amazonia bag, but I have heard other people say that the wearing away is part of the reason that H discontinued it. I don't think they can really fix it, since it's not leather, per se? Wish I could be more help! Sorry....
  3. Cynthia,
    Thank you-that was very helpful and makes sense. i absolutely adore that bag but maybe I will rotate a little more!
  4. Amazonia is a PROBLEM. I think Hermes should replace the bags in it that crack, wear through, etc, or at least give some compensation.
    There are GPs with buffalo corners that wear a little better than the ones with Amazonia corners.
    One tip with Amazonia is do not fold it, as to pack in a suitcase. It may crack on the folds.
  5. Amazonia is a very difficult material to maintain. It requires a constant moisturizing to prevent it from cracking. Amazonia is not leather but it is some kind rubberized material extracted from trees.

    Perhaps you can try and bring it to Hermes to see if they can fix it or just change to whole Amazonia piece. Otherwise, the wearing can become worse.
  6. Amazonia is like latex. It yellows and cracks with age; the protective wipes and whatnot help to a certain degree, as does avoiding bending it. It was a good idea, making bags in a non-animal leather alternative, but a better idea than actuality unfortunately. I don't have the chutzpah to ask H to do something about it but it does distress me that something from H, which should be a quality product, is not standing the test of time. Good that they discontinued it.
  7. I have one I bought on e-bay so didn't pay full price but will say that as a work tote I like it! It has the leather bottom....and well for what I use it it has worked well...I do wish there was something better to use to maintain it though...
  8. One of the things that has made me sad about my Amazonia GP is the I love it and use it so much! It is the perfect bag for me as a teacher. That is why I was wondering if there was anything I can do (besides not use it!) to reverse or atleast slow down the corner problem.
  9. ^Have you taken it to your shoemaker? He might be able to help you. There is a liquid latex that he might be able to put on the bag. At this point, I would not spend the money to take it to the boutique even if they could help you.
  10. I have an amazonia Garden party too.... the underpart is leather ... yours too? what happened with the corners, is the color whitish? or is it cracked? if it is whitish you can easily thread it with a latex spray, it will look brand new (make sure it is not oil).
  11. Here are some pictures of the problem.

  12. Take it to a good shoemaker. My guy would put some dye on it and use a moisturizer. I think you just have to accept the fact that you have used it well and it has had it's day in the sun. I would just try anything cosmetic at this point.

    H&H how come you can't use oil?
  13. Oil degrades latex...
    Silicone-based sprays work well.
  14. I would try the silicone spray (I used a latex which worked well too)... Try to go to a shoe repair store they must have that and see if it works. My bag doesn't have the amazonia at the underpart, it is leather. Let us know how the results are?
  15. Looks to me like the Amazonia has worn off totally and the canvas is what you are seeing.
    I would not put moisturize on the canvas. Dying it might help the looks.
    I would definitely take this baby back to Hermes and ask for some consideration. Hermes knows Amazonia is a problem.