Tech Refurbished laptops

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  1. does anyone have any experiences with refurbished laptops?

    my SO's laptop needs some repair and he's extremely impatient to wait a couple months to get it back. he's thinking about either buying a cheap laptop or netbook or even a cheap desktop just to use till he gets his laptop back.

    are refurbished laptops a waste of money? is it worth the difference to just buy a new laptop instead of a refurbished one?
  2. What's wrong with his current laptop that's gonna take months to fix??

    Re refurbished units, it really depends. Obviously, they replace the broken item, then they test out the rest of the machine to make sure everything is working. Sometimes nothing else breaks, sometimes something does. Personally, I wouldn't care. As long as it had a warranty, I'd buy one.

    But, why would he buy a temp laptop? Isn't all his data on the one being sent off, or is he just gonna use it for net surfing?
  3. YEARS ago i bought a refurbished sony vaio laptop. it lasted about 4 years. probably could've lasted longer but i ruined the keyboard and i was in college and using graphic design programs that were too much for it to handle.
  4. his notebook has something broken inside from dropping it while he's on his motorcycle and whatever is broken caused something to burn. i don't know all the specifics but that's the general idea. he gave it to a guy to fix, but his other friend had the same thing happen with his mac and it took him 2 months to get back.

    so my SO doesn't want to wait and he just wants something he can check mail on and skype.
  5. In my experience, refurbished laptops or any electronics for that matter, work really well. As long as it comes with some sort of warranty where you can test it for a few days, then I wouldn't worry at all.

    Good luck! :smile:
  6. ^thanks! i was always under the impression that they wouldn't last long...
  7. My SO says that it depends on how long and refurbished they are, if they're this years model then it's ok but if it's from a couple of years ago then it generally means they're off lease (and they're like an off lease car)

    If it's this year's model then it must have been one that was defective, sent back to factory, fixed and sold again as refurbished, so not too bad.

    Too or three years models are probably off a business lease, so stay away as they abuse the heck out of it by leaving it on and such, even though they're refurbished the battery will either be dead or not last very long.

    Good luck!!
  8. i just got a netbook that was refurbished from tigerdirect... it was super cheap. i didn't check the warranty on it, but i plan on getting one from squaretrade. also, buying with an amex card allows for an automatic 1 year warranty thru amex.
  9. thanks for all the info!
  10. My husband has gotten a couple of refurbished laptops from here: with great success. We raise some dogs and he uses them to run the heating/cooling/fan programs he wrote. I believe this company offers some various discounts, educational, military, seniors, etc.

    You may want to take a look at their site. :smile:
  11. ^ooh thanks for the site!
  12. How old is his current laptop? I'd say put that money towards a new laptop instead. Any refurb laptop you get is probably not so powerful and a bit outdated, so as well it'll be very difficult to resell.
  13. i get all 2 of mine from APPLE adn they r refurbished.. bene using 4 yrs and nothing wrong
  14. his laptop is a little less than 2 years old.
  15. Refurbs can actually be better than new in some cases. New ones just roll off the assembly line and a few are spotchecked as they're boxed and shipped. The rest are only tested as far as making sure they power on.

    Refurbs are generally run across a test bench and examined to make sure they work like they should after whatever repairs are made or parts replaced.