Refurbish a Chanel bag... would you use LMB?

  1. I know Chanel does provide refurbish services. However, I have a Bottega, a Balenciaga and a white Chanel lambskin all need some services. So it is easier to send all of them at once to loving my bags. But do you know if Chanel's own service is better? I guess cost wise they are close. Maybe LMB is even more expensive - from their price schedule it looks like they charge for cleaning and restoring separately. My white lambskin does need cleaning and there are some scuffs too. TIA! Since I am relocating to another state soon...I want to send some of my bags away for a spa so that I don't have to worry about moving them = )
  2. I would just use LMB for all of them. I've heard nothing but raves abt them. I've never used Chanel's repair service yet.
  3. I only used the Chanel service to replace a zipper and it was very pricey.
  4. :confused1:What was the cost??
  5. i never pay to have bags repaired at chanel:s, i just drop them off and when they're done i pick them up
  6. I used Chanel to repair/refurbish two bags and I don't think it was money well spent because it was pricy and the quality of work wasn't great. next time I'll send them out to margaret's or LMB.
  7. Thanks so much. I will contact LMB then.
  8. The owner's name is Barbara.. and she is the sweetest thing~!:tup:
  9. I've had great success with Chanel. They worked a miracle on the heart chain bag and that was after I sent it to Artbags in NY for redying. Chanel's fee was approx $165. They've refurbished purses for me years ago, and they come back looking brand spanking new. Until I have a bad experience at Chanel, I will continue to take my purses to them..
  10. Sorry what does LMB stand for?
  11. LMB stands for "Lovin my bags"