Refurbish 2nd hand chanel at chanel boutique

  1. do they offer refurbishing for old chanels that you get from elsewhere other then that store? i'm thinking of buying a chanel jumbo flap from someone i know and bringing it to the toronto boutique store to refurbish. it is a lambskin flap..the quilts are deflated, and the corners are you think they will be able to fix it?
  2. sure, they'll fix it for a fee as long as it's authentic.
  3. Yeah, I do think so.. But never tried it..
  4. Heard of this site from another TPF'er. Her bag looked AMAZING after it went to the bag "spa". They did a color restore and really made it look new (whoever owned it before her did not take care of her bag at ALL).
  5. yeah...i have lovinmybags products, but i just want chanel to do it because its a classic flap and i want them to possibly replace the hardware on the chain, since its a lil dull from use. it is a vintage piece after all, and i'm getting it for $600 for a jumbo. not a bad deal :smile:
  6. not a bad deal whatsoever. I was told as long as the bag is real, they will send it off for refurbishing. Not sure how much it will cost....obviously depends on the condition of your bag.
  7. Yes they will refurbish it as long as its authentic.
  8. is there anywhere in nyc that does this?
  9. Kim at Chanel SoHo told me that Chanel will refurbish bags for a fee.I would bring ur bag to any Chanel store and ask them to send it back for u.
  10. yeah i think they can fix it as long as it's authentic
  11. yeah like everyone said make sure its authentic