Refurb cruise ships vs. new ones?

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  1. I always try to cruise on the newest ships possible but because this time we want to go on a shorter cruise 3-5 days which normally means these are older cruise ships. Does anyone know if these refurb ships are just as nice as the newer ones or can you really feel the difference?

    Thank you.
  2. i havent been on a refurb ship BUT when I was on Royal Caribbean last summer they were showing on the tv this discovery channel special on refurb RC ships- they were literally taking every cabin out of the ship and completely redoing them. the whole ship was redone- right down to the fabric on the seats in the theater. i was pretty impressed. So it seems that RC does an awful lot, but I dont know about the other lines. I have heard that other lines just do little things like change the sheets on the bed and maybe replace carpeting, but im not sure about this. good luck!
  3. This is an interesting question. To see what line puts in new carpeting or change bedding style & call it refurb. Don't have anything to add as my first & only has been on the QV.

    Dh was on the QE2 Cunard ship 20 years ao, he said it tired looking & needed updating. I think this is the one they retired fairly recently. I heard she is going to be redone & docked in Dubai as a hotel.
  4. i was on a refurb cruise and i didnt mind it. everything you touch is new, but if you pay attention to minute details (i.e. the ceiling of the stairwells) you will see some older touches. personally, i like the idea of all new better, but if it saves big bucks, go refurb :smile:
  5. Would it save money?
    Guess they don't rehab ships as often as they do hotel rooms.
  6. ^^that was the only difference i could find when i was shopping around. it was jsut an assumption i made. could be wrong :smile: