Refunds, trust the seller or use Paypal?

  1. I recently purchased a bag off eBay which i am now convinced is fake, thanks to your authenticate forum (serial number on the bag is similar to other fake bags). I paid via paypal for the item. The seller did advertise saying that if i was unhappy i could return the item and get my money back.
    I emailed the seller requesting to have my money back and that i would mail back the item on recieveing the money as i am unhappy with the authenticity of the bag as the serial number is not genuine. He meiale dme back sayin that serial numbers are not unique & he buys his stuff from a 'safe' delaer called massimo marton! He said that he is happy to refund but i must mail back the bag first and he would then put a no disclaimer for purchase on eBay. Do i trust him? and mail back the bag? Or should i file a dispute on Paypal so i get my refund through an official source. THe item did have buyers protection on it.
  2. If you are going to mail the item back MAKE SURE you post it via a trackable method with delivery confirmation. IMO it's best to sort this out with the seller first rather than go straight to Paypal because firstly, that's what they will tell you to do and also too many disputes on your Paypal will make it look suss (I think you are allowed 2 claims a year?).

    You have 45 days from the auction's end to file a claim with Paypal so if you still haven't received your refund by then, open a PP dispute and keep communicating until you get your money back.

    Demand a 100% refund + reimbursement for shipping. Don't fall for the "we need to charge a 20% restocking fee" garb like I did. Keep all paperwork just in case Paypal requires proof of shipping. Good luck!
  3. Even if you do go through paypal they will require you to send the bag back first. Also, the burden of proof lies on you if you file "item not as desrcribed" and paypal can be weird with the fake claims. Sometimes they side with the seller. I'd try to go through the seller first.
  4. And take LOTS of pictures before you return it! Did he have this bag on auction? Can you get and save HIS pics as well? The more proof you have the better your chance with Paypal.
  5. I would suggest you send it back with signature confirmation instead of just delivery confirmation. You will be able to acquire a copy of the signature of receiving through fax or email from USPS website.

  6. Ditto! I would even go as far as getting insurance on it, to cover you in case he claims he didnt get it, etc.

    Good Luck!!
  7. One more thing - I'm not 100% sure so correct me if I'm wrong but Paypal will only refund you the original amount for the bag + shipping to you. They will not make the seller pay for your return shipping, so best to go through the seller first and see how that goes.
  8. Send the item back to the seller, but make sure you send it with a tracking# and delivery confirmation. The seller requesting his/her merchandise back before they issue a refund is standard and not exclusive to Ebay. If you purchase something from a retailer's website they will not refund you until they have their merchandise back. If you file a dispute with PayPal and win, you won't get a refund until PayPal verifies with the seller that the item was returned.

    If you want to be safe, file a dispute with PayPal. The reason I say this is because PayPal wants you to try to resolve the issue with the seller first...BUT what they don't tell you is that the clock is ticking while you are trying to work with the seller. What I mean is that say you have been trying to resolve the issue with the seller for a month and then you file a dispute with PayPal, they may tell you that you waited too long to contact them. I think the magic number is 30 days from the close of the auction. If you file a dispute with PayPal now, it still gives the seller the opportunity to refund you when he receives the item back, but everything is documented and you are covered if something happens. Make sense?

    Hope this helps!

    Vicki :smile:
  9. Yeah, definitely signature confirmation. Sorry, I said delivery confirmation in my last post. Might also be a good idea to insure it too just in case USPS were to lose the package.