Refunded without explanation

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  1. I bought a pair of shoes (my first CLs - I was SO excited!), paid right away, and received a message from the seller yesterday that once the payment was cleared he would ship them! Woo!

    Then today, I awoke to a refund notification from Paypal, with no explanation and no message from the seller!! What the heck!

    I messaged him to ask what the deal is but I just wanted to rant. Ugh.
  2. Does the refund email say that the seller refunded? It's possible that ebay and/or PP refunded if there's a problem with the seller or her account. Is the seller still a member or did they NARU her?
  3. Did you check the notes associated with the PayPal refund? Some sellers explain there.
  4. Hi BeenBurned,
    Thanks for responding! The refund email did say the seller refunded but with no message from the seller. They just got back to me with this:

    "I apologize. I was initially selling them for my girlfriend. She then decided not to sell. I am convinced she's bipolar"

    Uhhhh really dude? I think he's full of BS but hasn't asked to cancel the transaction or anything...any advice on how to proceed/respond?
  5. Yes no explanation until I contacted him.
  6. This is a case of the seller deserving a neg feedback.

    Seller refunded pymt. No explanation.

  7. Realy dude??? Would not agree to the mutual as he would get his fees back
    should he ask

    This seller deserves a NEG in my opinion...
  8. Thanks BeenBurned and hotshot. ... I agree. The payment hadn't even cleared before he refunded me now I have a hold on the account, I think because the money still hadn't cleared in the first place. Hopefully it will in the next few business days.

    I wanted these to be my wedding shoes. How annoying.

  9. Hopefully you will find another pair...& very annoying since this
    is such an important day!!
  10. No advice to add- just sorry for you that you missed out on the wedding shoes you wanted- crossing my fingers that you'll find another pair soon!
  11. What a shame!
    Finger's crossed you'll find another pair!!!
  12. I'm so sorry this happened to you. It is my belief that you will find a better pair of wedding shoes at a better price and your wedding will be better for them.

    This guy's an absolute jerk, but don't let it bring you down. Bad things happen to good people, but you have the ability to put it behind you and get out there and find those perfect shoes for your wedding.

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. :flowers:
  13. Thanks again everyone! This forum (and you all!) are so awesome. I'm not TOO upset about it, just irritated :-p I'll get over it. And hopefully even find a better pair!
  14. Ugggh guys, now I get this from him!

    "good evening. Frank here. Hope you are doing well. I have sole possession of the Christian Louboutin shoes. if you are still interested let me know. $450."

    I'm pretty sure this guy has no idea how ebay sellling works. My refund is still on hold at paypal and even though I REALLY want these shoes, I should decline, right? I was waiting to leave him feedback until I had my money back safely in my account. Now I'm thinking that he wasn't being rude but he just has no idea what he's doing... thoughts?
  15. You may be right - but on the other hand, this may be the beginning of a scam. Doing a transaction off ebay is dangerous. If you can repay through ebay and have protection on the item, that is one thing. I would NOT do an off ebay transaction. If you got a fake pair, you would have a very hard time getting your money back.