In USA, if you have your receipt, then they should give you a refund in the original form of payment - example: credit card purchase, then credit card refund. 14 day return policy in US. However, I was given an LV gift certificate, purchased something, and then returned it a few days later, and the LV store gave me a store credit (just a receipt with a credit listed and was told to hang onto it like cash!).
^ yes.. people need to hang onto their store credits and treat them like cash, because if it's lost, IT'S LOST!!! if you accidentally gave a bum $100, would you ask him to give it back? LOL!! not gonna happen! haha...

and to the OP: you won't get an actual refund, unless the person who bought it for you paid by credit card, is with you when you do the return, with the exact card in hand. if it's a different card, they won't do it, and if the original person who bought it (who paid by cc) is not present but the card is, they still won't do it. it's just company policy that's quite common for a lot of retail stores. just helps to prevent identity theft and money flying around everywhere.

if it was paid in cash, i suppose you could get a refund with the original reciept.. but of course, within 14 days (in USA). worst case scenario: you get store credit, and buy something you like! :yes: better than nothing i say!