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  1. Hi! I have a question for you all. Recently, I sold 2 Pandora beads, valued at $75 each, to two buyers in the UK. I shipped from a local post office location on 2/1/10. I checked the tracking, and it still just says "acceptance at post office"..nothing else. Both buyers said they haven't received the item. I called the post office and they told me mail has been slow because we had a huge snow storm, and even if it was shipped out, it wouldn't update until it is released from UK customs (I have shipped internationally before, and it always shows when it goes into US customs, when it departs, etc. so I am not sure if they told the truth). I told the buyers I would refund if they don't receive the item. My question is, if they do eventually receive the item, can I get a payment for my refund through Paypal, or am I at a loss? Basically, do they get free items or will Paypal reimburse me since I can provide delivery confirmation? Also, if anyone has any suggestions of what I can do in regards to contacting USPS with more questions, let me know! Thank you! =)
  2. IMO....Call the 800# for tracking on USPS.COM and explain your situation and request an investigation. If you get an uncooperative agent, hang up and call back.
    Advise both of your buyers that the US has experienced severe weather delays but that you have contacted USPS and initiated an investigation. This might at least buy you a few more days time. At least your buyers will know that you are making effort.

    Also check the tracking on royal mail daily just in case parcels arrive in UK before USPS gets anything figured out.

    I do not know if PP would reverse a refund if beads arrive after buyer refunded. I'd call them and ask, if need be.
  3. ^^ thanks!!
  4. ITA...We have been getting sooo much snow here too everything is soooo SLOW..Just let your buyers kwow you are on top of it and WILL take care of it.Them waiting at least 3-4 weeks should be ok so you can sort this out and give the post office time to arrive the goods.Just be totally honest and upfront and give them updates....Also as Ellie Mae suggested open the investigations that normally gets things moving too... I am sure they will be ok with it ...good luck!!