Refund time frame

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  1. Just anyone that has bought and returned a handbag ( or anything, really) from an online store (not major dept.) what was the time frame for the credit to show on your account?
    Within days...within weeks....or over a month?

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Is this new spam or a new member?
  3. Bjara,
    Do you have an online account with your credit card company? Since I do, I know it normally takes no more than three business days from the time the online company processed the credit for it to appear on my online account.

    I will tell you that some online merchants are faster in processing credits more than others. For example, it took a couple of days for eLuxury to process the credit once I received confirmation of delivery :love: . Then, it took about two weeks after I received confirmation of delivery to issue a refund. Their excuse was they had a backlog of unusual amounts of returns.:evil:

    If weeks have past and you have made attempts via email or phone to get answers regarding the status of your credit without luck, I suggest you get your credit card company involved. ;)

    Good luck, Bjara!

    TPS, I am willing to extend courtesy to all new members with no hidden agenda. With that said...welcome! :biggrin:
  4. Welcome TPS - sorry for our apprehension. We have had some sellers of fake designer merchadise come in here and promote their site.

    Fortunately, you have a great store - and you are wise enough to sell Rafe (my favorite designer).
  5. Hi TPS, welcome!! I apologize for my previous statement, just that we're kinda paranoid and allergic to spam. ;) So WELCOME!! :biggrin:
  6. Hi TPS, welcome, well said Issy.
  7. Hi TPS, can you issue me a report? :lol:

    Just kidding, I love that movie too much to pass that up! Welcome to the forums!
  8. i ordered something from and returned it i think the day after i received it (to a saks store in person)'s been like a month and a half my refund stll hasn't been issued tho......
  9. Yes, I have an online I keep good track of all purchases and any returns.

    I have been told that my credit has been processed, but due to merchant services and the bank, it can take up to 30 days. I'm not buying it....I have already contacted my credit card company and submitted the necessary paperwork. If it eventually shows up, at least I got the ball rolling. :evil:

    Thanks all for the help!!
  10. i'd call either your bank or the store about that, no way it should take that long!
  11. My credits usually show up within a day online.
  12. thank u soso much for ur advice...i was like they're a big company everything should be fine i'll just wait.....i'm talking to their customer service online and i'm appalled at how incompetent they're being about this whole thing.........apparently my return was never processed but they're not sure what's going on and they want me to go back to the store and deal with it myself even though the original order was online.....i've never dealt with a more incompetent group of people....they made me explain myself to 6 people and then they couldn't help me at all....and on top of that they were rude.....
  13. :sad:
  14. Sorry to hear that. Thats just terrible, when I had a problem onceo me a manager in the department assisted me over the phone, asked me for the #'s on the receipt, found the transaction and corrected the problem, rude people who don't want to work I say.
  15. the incomeptence of luxury stores continues to astound me. i've said this before, but i work at freakin' best buy and i have NEVER heard of this happening to anyone that shops with us. we generally get supervisors or managers involved immediately, and they are authorized to talk to the cc companies and get credits issued immediately if there ever is some sort of mistake. so why can't saks and NM figure it out? good luck with the whole thing, if saks doesn't solve your problem, you should be able to file a petition for the credit with your cc company as long as you have your receipts showing that a return was made.