Refund question

  1. I took great pictures but not of every single angle of the bag. The auction closed without the reserve price being met. Buyer emailed asking what reserve price is and said she'd take it and I said fine, only if I relist it as a Buy It Now. She purchased it, I sent it off. She received it and stated that there are more wrinkling to the leather in certain spots and that she thinks it's a factory second. :wtf: I emailed her and said fine, I can refund you minus shipping fee and listing fee. My auction says all sales final unless grossly misrepresented and to ask all questions. I figured I don't want to go back and forth with her at all about this. My question is am I allowed to refund her everything except shipping and listing fees? Also, do I give her the $ back and then have her send the bag back to me or should I ask the bag back first then send her refund?

    Sorry, I'm shouting, but if you refund her now, she has the bag, she has the money and YOU are stuck with the all the fees on top of that. You should refund only the actual final bid since this person is being difficult anyway and SHE has to pay to send the bag back.

    I always put All Sales Final-NO REFUNDS in my listings. Too many cases of buyer's remorse if you give them any little bit of an out. I did refund a buyer my shipping fees once because she was pestering me about the authenticity. I assured her the shoes were real, offered to refund the shipping charge and she was happy as a clam.
  3. Have her send the bag back within 3 days (or 5). Tell her when you receive the item back upon your examination. Just to be sure that this is indeed your bag with the so call discrepancies (this you don't have to explain to her). You will refund her the winning bid amount. Please be emphatic about no refund on shipping and handling since it has already be collected by the shipping service. After all you've paid your listing fees, fvf, and paypal fees plus misc fees already. You're already losing money you can't recover. Don't give her the opportunity to take advantage of your good nature for accepting a refund when your listing states all sales final. Not to mention she initiated this second transaction. If it gets ugly keep your cool and maybe you should refund the shipping only then. And don't give her the benefit of the doubt she's got you in a corner. Next time listing or re-listing add the line: Sorry, No Buyer's Remorse along with your All Sales Final.
  4. Thank you both Prada Psycho and pinkiwhatever99 for your responses. I responded to her message already that I can only refund her with the shipping fees. I have never had a buyer wanting a return before. Thanks again. I know some buyers would want their $ back first and stuff.
  5. As pinkiwhatever99 pointed out, this person initiated the transaction when she asked YOU to sell her the bag after the auction ended. Frankly, when she came back complaining about the bag, after you were so accommodating, I'd have told her to stuff it! :devil:
  6. yeah, me too
  7. kathyrose, did you and this buyer already made arrangements for the bag to be returned before she is entitled to a refund I hope? Crossing my fingers I hope she isn't just trying to rip you off of both $$$ and purse??? This happens all the time... :s
  8. She sent it in the mail. I will partially refund her when I receive the bag. I thought about all the things the buyer could possibly do the screw me over and I posted here asking for confirmation that I should get the bag back first and all you ladies were very helpful. :flowers:
  9. okay, I feel better!:sweatdrop:
  10. ^^^Ditto! :yes:
  11. Hey all! Just updating here. I got the bag yesterday adn checked it and all and partially refunded her. So far it says pending in the Paypal, is this normal? Does she have to claim it or something? It looks like she took the bag out, saw it and maybe didn't really like it and put it back it. The only gripe I have is she put the bag in but not as carefully as I did so there was a couple more creasing marks but I managed to make it disappear by smoothing out the leather with my fingers (it's a really soft and slightly pebbled leather material where creases are normal but she made more creases but it's all gone now). BF looked at it and told me to just keep it. I didn't know he liked that particular bag at all.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me!
  12. No worries kathy.....she doesn't need to do anything. In addition, you can file a NPB stating buyer & seller agree not to complete sale and you'll get your final value fees back.
  13. That is great news!:yahoo: twiggers suggestion is correct you should be partially refunded for your FVF. i wouldn't leave her any fb if you didn't already exchange it.:flowers: :yes:
  14. Thanks for suggesting that. I never has to do a refund so I was'nt sure if the fees are basically gone now. I will go ahead and do that.
  15. No's a great thing to do, especially if it was a higher value item....why let ebay keep the money when the sale technically didn't go through!
    And in addition, I wouldn't leave her any feedback unless she leaves it for you first :smile: