Refund Question

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  1. I sold an AUTH wallet on ebay and of course, the buyer claims its fake.. ok, I sent her copies of the receipt etc. nothing worked.. so she wants to send it back for a refund... Sure, Im a nice person... I just wanted to know, when you give refunds, do you subtract the fees that you incurred for shipping, ebay and paypal fees, restocking fees etc?

    I just want to know if I should give her the whole thing back or what.. thanks

  2. I would either refund the whole thing or the whole thing minus shipping cost. If you use the refund button in paypal, you are not losing any fees there. Also, you can file mutual agreement not to complete the transaction and get ebay fees back also.
  3. I would not refund the shipping costs... the other fees, you'll be able to get back, like emald37 said. The only time I refund shipping is if it was my fault that the item needed to be returned.
    Good luck with it!
  4. ^^ thanks guys, what about a restocking fee...?
  5. I would not charge one. Did you mention in your auction there would be one?
  6. you can't really do that unless you had stated in your listing that you charge a 10% or whatever restocking fee, I don't think it's right to just spring that out there
  7. okie doke, thanks!
  8. If you are absolutely certain that the wallet is authentic why are you taking it back? This person bid on and won an authentic wallet, which you apparently delivered--end of story--what is her problem? I would not refund her. Let me guess...this person has hardly any feedback.

    As an ebay vet of about a decade I am so sick of the clowns that make it so hard to trade there. It used to be GREAT. I blame Paypal for a lot of this.
  9. ^ i agree, i would not refund... i'm always paranoid someone will send me back something different than what i sent them.... did you state in your auction no returns??
  10. I too would NOT refund at all.

    If you are 100% certain it is authentic, stand by your word and tell her sorry, no.

    If you give in, you appear to have a stance of "im guilty, it really isnt authentic, so here is your money back".

    Stand your ground. She clearly has buyers remorse.

    Now another thing is this. Did you say in your listing "no refunds"? If so, then again, you dont need to refund.
  11. Firstly you have to be SURE that the wallet is Authentic - if it is, and was purchased at a store (which it was as you have the receipts) then maybe you should ask her to get it Authenticated by '' or 'caroldiva'.

    Accepting a item back which you KNOW is Authentic is not good business - she could leave negative feedback for you anyway stating the item was a fake.

    Unless you state in your actions a clear refund policy, you dont have to refund - unless the item is not as described...
  12. ^ actually email/pic authentication can be off, but yes I agree don't just let them return it. you don't know if you are getting your wallet back, right? or did you use some kind of tagging device?
  13. Hi Lara,

    I understand that email authenmtication can be off, but I heard that Vero / Paypal trust the judgement of Mypoupette - stores mostly refuse to authenticate bags and will 'definately' not give it in writing....

    If a buyer is trying to screw us over and we dont have a receipt - what can we do??
  14. I would be really careful accepting a return. I had a buyer try to pull a bait and switch on me. She filled a claim with PP, I e-mailed them all my info, including a copy of the receipt as buyer was suggesting bag was fake after having it for 2 weeks and leaving me positive feedback. In the end buyer lost and PP sided with me. You have no control of what item you will receive back in the mail. If the buyer has great feedback, more than 50 I might accept a return - shipping, but if not great FB then I would be less likely to accept a return. you sent copy of the receipt, you know the wallet is authentic so you should have nothing to worry about.
  15. Yes, I told her the wallet was DEF authentic since I only purchase my own items that I resell in AUTH stores and sent her a scan of the receipt from the store. It was a Gucci wallet btw, she said the sticker on the box didnt match the wallet... wtf? Shes from Australia, and was adamant that the wallet was fake. I dont even know what the sticker on the box means...

    She was threatening a paypal claim, so just to appease her I told her to send it back. I also didnt want a neg. feedback. So now shes crying about me deducting shipping and paypal and ebay fees... so, I dont care anymore, I just want this issue done :cursing: