Refund Process

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  1. I just recently received a fake bag and contacted the seller about it. The seller kindly offered a refund because she had the money back guarantee on authenticity and she even claimed that she brought the item to her local boutique to have it authenticated and they said it was authentic. I am still pretty certain that it is a fake.

    How do I go about getting my refund? I've never done this before even after 4 years of being on eBay. I feel a little confused right now.

    Do I ask for the refund first before I send out the bag?

    What I told her in my email was that I would send the bag back and show her proof of shipment (receipt and label) and upon receipt of those photos, to refund the money back. Luckily I paid through Paypal and with my credit card, so if all goes sour, I can dispute it with Visa and Paypal.

    Also, the seller has 100% positive feedback and has also sold authentic pieces in the past (I did my research on the seller, beforehand). It may be the case that she, herself, was also scammed since she mentioned that she will be asking a refund from the seller that sold her the item, as well. Whatever the case may be, I just want to make sure this all goes smoothly and I get my refund.

    So what steps did you take during the refund process? I take it all sellers are different in terms of their policies so I would like to hear about your personal experiences and whether or not they were successful ones.

  2. I think many sellers will not refund until they receive the bag back, since they want to make sure it is the same bag and same condition.
  3. Send the bag back with confirmation and such. Take pictures of you packing it up if you want to have a record of proof. They won't send you back your $ unless you send them the bag back.
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