Refund Process?

  1. How long does it take for a refund to process from Coach?
    I sent a bag back to their return department in Florida last week and I'm just wondering how long it normally takes to process a refund in this manner.

    I've purchased many items over the years from Coach and but I've never had to return anything. There is no rush...I'm just wondering. TIA!:smile:
  2. I returned some stuff to the store, and something was messed up with the return - so they had to void it, and do it again. (Then void the thing I purchased, and do it again.)

    This was at the beginning of the week. My "balance" has the right amount, as if everything has gone through correctly, but all of the transactions are still showing up in the "Pending Transactions" area of my cc... So it has been at least 4 days, and it hasn't been totally cleared through my computer statements yet... If you mailed it in, I would say, give it at least 2 weeks, maybe?
  3. Oh wow! You had that much of a hassle at the actual store? Yes, I actually emailed customer service to inquire and I only saw that they responded after posting this thread. They said it takes 2-4 weeks..although they've had my bag a week now. No big least I have some idea now.

    Thanks for your response...