Refund on shipping costs ?

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  1. Hi all,
    Long story short.....I received two pairs of sunglasses on eBay from the same seller. One pair is scratched and the other pair is the wrong color. Paypal told me to send them back and hopefully, the seller will just refund me my money. Should I ask him to also refund me the $75 it took to ship both pairs back? I overnighted them with FedEx and by the time I took out insurance and signature confirmation, it added up. Paypal said that I had to ship them back in separate packages. I'm just ticked that the first pair was defective and it was the seller's fault that he sent me the wrong color on the 2nd pair. What a nightmare!
  2. why did you send them overnight? I doubt the guy will refund you for that. what did paypal tell you to do?

    generally in these cases if the seller will refund your original costs, if I'm the buyer, I'll pay for the return shipping.

    I'm not sure if there are hard and fast rules. Hopefully someone else will know
  3. Did you ask the seller if it was possible to exchange the sunnies so you could get the ones you wanted?

    Well, usually in a Paypal case (mine just got resolved), the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs that are incurred when returning the item. (Kinda dumb, but still...)

    But I guess my question is, not to be mean or whatever, but you didn't HAVE to overnight them....any form of tracking would work....

    You personally didn't have to spend that much to send them back the seller.

    So, I would say that, in this case, it would be unfair to ask the seller to refund that amount of shipping.
  4. I don't think you can expect him to refund you. Even if it is through the paypal claim, I think they usually say you are responsible for shipping cost back to seller. Is there a reason you sent overnight?
  5. My husband is the idiot that sent them back overnight. He thought that's what I would've wanted. I appreciate him mailing them back for me, but..............why did he have to overnight them?!
  6. The 2nd pair was to be the exchange for the scratched pair.....he then sent me the wrong color of glasses. I'm fed up and just done with him. I'm going to the store from now on. LOL

    Thanks girls!! You're right. I should've mailed them out myself. I wouldn't have overnighted them. I'll just eat the shipping. I'm just hoping he'll refund me my money without any hassle.
  7. They must've been expensive glasses. Too bad it didn't work out for you.
  8. They were Tom Ford's. Oh well.......I just bought a pair of Oliver Peoples at the store. I'm just sick of eBay right now.
  9. You poor thing! I have TF Whitney' them!!!
  10. The seller is giving me $20 back towards the shipping. I thought that was very nice of her to offer!